The foodie—Kunal Vijaykar

Anchor kunal of the The foodie which is aired on Timesnow makes me home sick with every episode.I envy him so much that i feel like turning his ears and telling him not to eat so much food.

I get to see  The foodie thrice a  from 6.30-7.00pm and till now i have not missed a single episode.Each episode is dedicated to a particular city and kunal goes on eating at different restaurants and dhabas.He doesn’t leaves the roadside bandis.

 Once kunal went to delhi there he first ate pani puri and papadi chat,then followed by bajis.Then he went to a place where flavoured milk is famous and drank two glasses of it.After that he went to a restaurant there he ate brain masala,mutton curry along with a roti and finished his meal with tandoori murgh.After that he drank falooda (2 glasses) and in the evening he went to a place famous for kababs.My god there he ate 4 kababs,mutton nihar with tandoori nan.And finished his meal with a big bowl of rabdi.Maybe he shoots one episode in a 2-3 days but the amount of food he eats is incredible.

My mouth is always filled with water by the end of the episode,i just envy this guy.He has got a passion to eat everything.He is a excellent anchor and grasps his audience.He doesn’t hesitate to try food which is new to  him.

23 thoughts on “The foodie—Kunal Vijaykar

  1. Haha..i think you are talking about the episode where throughout his meal he was interviewing the owner of the shop a man(licking his fingers)….yes,he is an amazing host.I ENVY HIM.

  2. OMG! I used to watch this when i was home. Now I really, really, really, really, realllly want to go home 😦

    I didn’t see this when i was in india,since last one year i am seeing this and always he makes me miss home

  3. I thought I was reading about the food habits of a ‘sumo’ wrestler! I can feel how you feel through your writings!

    But he is not,he is not that fat

    I have seen SN Dua (he was a news reader and election analyst once! Even now, I think!) is doing it in NDTV, eating in roadside dhabha, Murugan idly kadai and other small hotels. He relishes his food and is quite hefty too, which is understandable!

    All the anchors who does these type of jobs enjoy the food

    Nice to see your post, Saritha! I was thinking of mailing you to ask, why you were not writing posts and here it is! Good to see you here!

    Not getting much time sandhya and pinky is getting smarter and is not allowing me to use the laptop

  4. Oh !!! I love all this food related shows – Even though I’ve watched one or two episodes of this Foodie, I am a regular for the Chak Le India by Aditya Bal and Highway on my Plate by two mad guys. I think, anyone, who come on these kind of shows – eat so much, that you literally gape at them.

    Me too love the food shows and i used to watch highway on my plate and those two also eat a lot but less than what kunal eats in one episode

    And those delicacies are just so mouth watering and tempting for sure….you are justified to feel jealous and homesick…. 🙂


  5. Oh comon, let the man be! I could eat that much food any day 😉

    He eats more than anyone can eat and licks his fingers also

    Just the thought of going to different restaurants, dhabas and having all that food – yummmm!!!!

    Btw, haven’t seen the show yet. Gonna check it out.

    Do watch it,it comes in e-vision

  6. Saritha – I just wish I had a job like his 🙂 Your description has made me hungry again – and I just had lunch!!!

    For all that food – he does not look all that fat either!

    In tv he looks fat,the other day husband met him in dubai and says he doesn’t look fat.Maybe he shreds what he eats.

  7. Err… everything went black as I opened your page!! :mrgreen:

    Was experimenting with the new themes

    Nice template!


    this show, then Highway on my plate on NDTV Good Times… and a couple of such shows on Travel & Living are awesome!
    Their jobs are quite enviable! But, I like Highway on my plate the best, because one of the anchors is a pure veggie and he has as much fun as the other guy!!

    Even i used to like highway on my plate and i dont get that here.

  8. hey saritha…this background and small font..making it tough to read comments…i would advice you to change either theme to change the font size or background color..

    I took this dark background because the snow is not see properly in the white background.Will change the theme now,thanx

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