Last few days has been very hectic.Husband went to india for a  treatment,managed kids and the house for a week all alone.Thought will be free once he is back.But pinkuda kept me busy,she got injured and then had fever for 4 days.Then varu had exams and then followed by fever for another 4 days.

Now varu is having holidays for 10 days and it is a big relief for me.The first and the important thing i did is to sleep late.Got fed up of getting at 5.30 am in this winter.Winters are for getting up late and i hate to leave my comforter.Sometimes i feel sorry for varu as she has to get up at 5.30 am to catch her school bus at 6.30 am,poor child never she complains of getting up and getting ready for school.Till she gets into the bus she holds me tight so that she doesn’t feel cold.

Varunavi got her grades and she scored well in all but hindi and arabic.She just hates to read hindi.I teach her hindi rhymes and make her watch hindi movies and news but still she doesn’t show interest in hindi.Maybe she catchs up in the last quarter of grade 1.

What ever little time i got was spent on plowing and harvesting.I am too much addicted to farmville.The other day i got a dream where in i visited swaram in her farm and she gifted me pink roses which she cultivated in her farm. 😀

Since few days pinkuda is talking about buying things for us.The other day i had a cut on my leg and she said amma you have a hole in your leg,don’t cry (i was pretending that it is paining) i will buy you a new leg. 😀

Of the 10 days 2 days are over.Will utilize the remaining 8 days effectively and read all my fav blogs.

Lastly the below snaps are inspired by the snaps of poohi making pizza.

 Varu is guarding the cake batter and pinkuda is putting her finger to lick the batter.

This snap is few days back when i was trying to take a snap to post in my food blog.And pinkuda was getting impatient with my photo session as she wants to grab the biryani.


21 thoughts on “Aahhhh……..

  1. Oh !!! Thats a lovely briyani pic !!!! Why are you tempting me like this ?????? 🙂

    Take care of ur kids (health and all) and enjoy the break !!!!

    This addiction in the virtual world will get into our real world, someday…take care. 🙂

    Wish it becomes real and i am spending my time farming in the fields away from city

  2. ‘amma you have a hole in your leg,don’t cry (i was pretending that it is paining) i will buy you a new leg. ‘ Varu seems to be a lovely and soft natured child. God bless her.


    Hope all of you will be hale and healthy. This period is over. Sometimes it happens, Saritha.

    Nice pictures.

    Thanx sandhya

  3. I am so relieved now to see this post .. was missing u so much Sari .. cud nt catch u online too 😦
    I remembered u so much today. Went for a Hyderabad heritage walk and it was awesome! U and Uma were on my mind all the time.

    Me too missing u and didnt get much time to be online,now free for another 10 days or so.Hyderabad heritage walk? where it is??

    Loved the two pics. Pinkuda’s dialogue takes the cake 😛

    Thanx aunta
    Varu is such a sweet and mature little girl na .. pass on lotzzz of hugs and muaahs from my side 🙂

    Hugs to u from both swaram

    And here u go, pink roses for u 🙂 Cheers to our friendship 🙂

    Such a beautiful flowers,thanx swaram. Hi5 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Aww Saritha! Both Varu and Pinkuda are so sweet! Varu is a real brave and smart girl! Waking up at 5:30 and going to school at 6:30! That is impressive – especially in winter!

    Varu is sweet girl,when i am waking up everyday i wanted her to tell me that she won’t get up/won’t go to school but never she said that to me,calmly she gets up from the bed.

    The pics are amazing! Cake batters are meant for licking:) And with such yummy looking biryani – I feel like grabbing some too 🙂

    Come to sharjah,will treat you with biryani

    Hugs and muaaahs to Varu and Pinkuda!

    Hugs from both

  5. The biryaani looks yummy!! 😀


    And cake batter is way too yummy!!! 🙂 🙂

    Pinkuda didn’t leave the bowl after i emptied it

    Both of them are so sweet! 🙂
    And yes, hope her grades and interest in Hindi will increase.

    Even i hope so
    Glad to know both of them are fine now 🙂

  6. 5:30…. I am shocked… Until 10th std i Have never seen that in clock by morning… Varu is really active 🙂 briyani looks yummy 🙂 hope everybody were fine now akka… 🙂 hugs to you, varu and pinkuda… Enjoy the holidays 🙂

    Even i never got up at 5.30 and leave for school at 6.30,i used to go to school at 8.00am.

    Hugs thambi from 3 of us.

  7. Its torture..why school starts so early there…

    Because of the traffic,traffic jams are hell here
    varu is sweet..getting up early without any issue 🙂
    good to know things are quite at ur end now 🙂

    by hand pinkuda seems golu molu 🙂
    hugs to ur lovely princess 🙂

    Thanx and hugs

  8. Geez.. I m already fretting about hriday… what if he has a morning school next year… right now he gets up at 9 sometimes at 10 !!!!!

    So nice he goes to school at 10.00

    geez… !!!!

    lovely pics.. that biryani !!!!! aah !!! 😛 😛

    and so is ur hubby back and all well ????

    He is back and fine now

  9. Wish your hubby a get well soon from all of us ! Has he come to India for the treatment or is in the UAE ?

    He went to hyd for the treatment

    and please, o please, stop posting pictures of food in your blog. Cant bear all these titanics inside my mouth 😀 😀 😀

    Lol titanics 😀

  10. Sari, read your tweet that you couldn’t go to Canada because everyone fell sick. Hope now everyone is doing fine.

    All are fine now solilo,will be going to canada in feb/march

    You are an excellent cook. I need to try somethings from your cooking blog. They all look so drool worthy.

    Thanx solilo do try and let me know

  11. Oh yes, waking up at 5.30 for that 6.30 bus…my nephew is in 1st grade. So he has the same schedule. I feel sorry for these kids. But back in our days, didn’t we all do the same? Guess every just has to go through that grind.

    I used to get up at 6.30 and used to go at 8.00 as my school was at 9.00 but here school starts at 7.30.

    Hope your hubby is doing fine.

    He is fine

    Dreams about Farmville now? Goodness gracious…I guess that was the only thing left now!! 😀

    Husband says this shows how free i am at home

  12. Early morning 5:30 getting up and 6:30 goin to school aa..Waah..Inta Chinna Vayasullo Anta Kasthapedutunnara…i really appreciate her patience and dedication towards education..

    Nice to see u back kk

  13. Glad that you all are well now,yeah that includes a momma with a hole in her leg…i am very proud of Pinkuda..heee.

    Thanx kavi

    Hindi is little difficult for most of the kids,i am sure with your help and guidance she will catch up very soon….it happened with Gauri too.
    dreaming about FV …whoa,you are the second great fan i visited today.

    Planning to stop farming for a while,i am addicted to it

    I love those cute little hands certifying that their momma is the best cook in this world.hugs!!


  14. Hugs to the little ones,Sari. Happy to know they are fine and enjoying the hols. Namnam too has her eid hols up. Which is why I’m hardly able to blog hop much.

    Varu is also having eid holidays so both the kids are playing themselves so i have time to blog hop and do farming

    Know what Namnam loves to lick the cake batter. In fact I do too and the minute I’m done transferring the batter to the oven dish,she grabs the bowl and runs to her room to lick it. and then I run after her for my share. Its a real cat and mouse chase that ensues after that.

    Even pinkuda wants to run away with the bowl but i never allowed her to do so.Your tom and jerry show is must to watch,share snaps of that chase 🙂

    That biriyani looks yummy yum yum 🙂


  15. Sari!!! 🙂

    Hi crafty,nice to see u here
    hope ur hubby is fine now.

    He is fine crafty

    *warm hugs* to varu waking up that early to go to school!! and she doesn’t even complain!! the sweetheart!!

    Her holidays gets over tomorrow and from sunday again her routine starts till the christmas.

    u dreamed of farmville and swaram gifting roses! tee hee hee!!! 😀 😀 😀

    my office has so many ppl hooked on to it!! 😛

    I saw a sales girl playing farmville in a mall

    the cake batter!!!! 😀 and the biryani looks yummy toooooo! i can totally understand why pinkuda has given up waiting and grabbed some of it! i feel like doing tha same!

    U should see licking the batter

    sooper tight hugs! hope all u guys are fine!

    my special hugs and muahs to both the lil princesses! 😀

    All the fine and a big tight hugs from both and from me

  16. Glad they are up and about and you can catch some much needed sleep 🙂

    Had a good sleep for last few days and again now has to get up early for varu,i hate to get up early in winters.

    I love kids impatience with cake batter, the real joy lies in licking the batter 🙂 Love your posts with pictures!!

    Thanx IHM

    And I am terrified of farmville!! Everybody I know is getting addicted!!

    Don’t join farmville ihm,u will surely get addicted.I not getting much time on the net,what ever time i am getting i am in farmville.I have to reduce that.

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