I am elated…..

My post on domestic violence — Break the silence has been picked by BlogAdda for tangy tuesday picks.I can’t believe that my post has been picked up.


Thanks to blogadda  team for selecting my post and thanks to my friends who read and encourage me with their comments.And special thanks to my classmate and friend liju who introduced me to the blogging and also thanks to my kids who allow me to take out my time for blogging.

Thanks sister for reading my blog and get well soon 🙂

31 thoughts on “I am elated…..

  1. Congratulations and Celebrations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Wonderful !!!!!!!!!! it calls for P-A-R-T-Y !!!!!!

    But in your party you must yourself cook !!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure i will definetly cook biryani for u,come over

    Sooooooooooper !!!!!!!

  2. Congrats Saritha….
    Even i want a treat where we eat the food cokked by u..
    Any of the Non veg dish from your food blog will do 🙂

    Thanx mystery.You too non veg fan?

    Will cook chicken biryani for u 🙂

  3. Congrats Sari 🙂 So so happy for u 🙂

    Thanx swaram,i am so happy

    Time to celebrate 🙂 Do pass on some goodies pls 😛

    Join me in my house at hyd will treat u

  4. BTW, ur sister is not well? Wishes from my side too 🙂

    She is suffering from chikungunya since a month, not yet recovered.

    Hugs to her and to u too 🙂

    Will pass ur hugs to her

    1. chikungunya..ah i heard its dangerous disease..wishing her get well soon !!!

      It is cureable but takes times to get cured,she is feeling better now


    I m so happy for you..ur post was deserving to get this recognizition 🙂

    Thank q so much rash

  6. Congratulations again, Sari!! I was so delighted to see your post there 🙂

    Thank q so much smiths,i didn’t believe when i saw ur comment.Then next day morning checked my gmail and saw the mail from blogAdda

    So so happy for you!

    Congrats again and do pass my wishes to your sis. Hope she gets well soon!

    She said thanx,she read my post and the comments

  7. You well deserve this for being the voice of many women out there…Saritha,Congratulations…i tried my best but can’t get those rasgullas out of my mind….yumssss

    Thanx kavi,i would love to make rasgullas for u,they are quite easy to make,if u want to do it,will give u a link

  8. My hearty congratulations, Saritha! I am so happy for you. You deserve it 100% and yes, we should thank our family members for encouraging us to write what we think is right. Love to your kids, Saritha. I liked the post, you wrote, Saritha.

    Got some problem with my network. I have clicked ‘submit’ 2-3 times! Delete the extra comments, please.

  9. I can imagine how elated you must be,Sari. Your post deserved every bit of the recognition. Congratulations again 🙂

    Your sister was not well? Please convey my wishes to her. Hope she is hale and hearty now.

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