Chilkur balaji temple

I always get fascinated by the stories related to the temples.The first post i read on sandhya’s blog was about temples,i liked that post of hers.This post is a small attempt of what i know about few temples which i have visited and few temples about which i have read.


Chilkur balaji temple is the oldest temple built during the Akkanna and Madanna, the uncles of Bhakta Ramadas and its presiding diety is Lord Venkateswara Swamy (Sri Balaji).This temple is one of the temple which has Sthala Puranam (literal meaning: the legend of the place).The Sculptors who built Golconda have built this temple during night without the knowledge of the Nizam king.The legend goes like this–

There was a devotee who used to visit tirupati very year by walk from this village where the temple is located now.He took darshan of  Lord very year without fail.Slowly he was getting old and he was not in a position to go to tirupati.Lord balaji came in his dream and told him not to worry because he is there in his village,inside an ant hill near his fields.

The devotee called people to that anthill and started digging the anthill.And the crowbar struck the idol on the chest and blood started oozing from the anthill.Then they heard a voice to pour milk in the anthill.The devotee and others poured milk on the idol and came out the small idol of Lord Balaji with the divine consorts Sreedevi and Bhoodevi near his feet on the same idol on either sides.This idol is very rare of its kind,usually they are three idols of lord balaji,sreedevi and bhoodevi but this idol has all three in one.

A small temple was built there.All devotees are equal in the eyes of Chilkur balaji temple,there are no paid darshan and there is only one queue.The only separate queue is for aged devotees and children.

There is another uniqueness of this temple is that there are no hundies in the temple,no donations are entertained.The money to run the temple comes from the fields owned by the temple and the sale of books  and a magazine called VAK which gives information about the temples in hyderabad and India.

The endowment department of Andhra Pradesh tried to take this temple under but they failed in taking over it.This is the only temple which is not commercialized by way of special darshan and so on.The temple was not that popular till 1990’s,once the temple started getting large number of devotees the endowment department wanted to take over the temple and its earnings.A case was fought for 2 years and won.

A website was created to get online petitions from the people for not giving the temple to the endowment department.Check here for more details.

43000 – Signatures on Petition
3000 – Opinion Mails
200 – Live Public Opinions &
2 years Struggle

Chilkur balaji temple is also knows as visa god or VISA venkanna.Most of the aspirants who wants to go to US used to visit this temple before going for visa interview and thus used to succeed in getting Visas. To get wish fulfilled one has to make 11 pradakshanas around the temple. The devotees have to make 108 pradakshanas around the temple after the wish is fulfilled.


23 thoughts on “Chilkur balaji temple

  1. Saritha,i love visiting temples and always end up extracting all the stories i could from the priest or the pandas,if it is not enough i buy books sold outside the temple premises.Visiting South is one of my most memorable experience…Madurai,Rameshwaram but i would like to revisit South with my family so that my kids too get a chance to see the rich culture spread allover in your temples.

    VISA mandir…how nice,i remember a newly wed girl crying her heart out with her equally sad in laws outside the US consulate asfter a rejected Visa …at least there is a temple which helps people built some hope that God is there to help them.

    The story is very interesting,thanks for such a detailed information.Lovely post.

    As you asked …yes i am in FB by the same name,you can find me in no time,very few Saharias in FB.Thanks for addressing me as Kavi,most of my close ones call me Kavi…..i like it.Love to the kids.

    1. Thanx kavi i have few temples in my list which i wanted to visit, one is madhura meenakshi temple and many such temples in south india.

      This temple gained more popularity after the priest told few students who visited this temple and told them to do pradakshanas to get visa and to their surprise those students got visa.And many engineering colleges has come up near and the temple and the popularity increased.

      Will added u my fb

      Love and hugs to u and to the kids 🙂

  2. Read it yesterday itself akka but when I finished reading it, i am really sleepy 😦 so thought will comment today..
    I always loved our mythology because its so interesting and has lot of morals.. This one is also so nice… And somehow I Hate going to temples as I dont like those VIP things… And this visa temple label is funny…

    1. U know i thought maybe my post is boring,so i asked u where is the comment.

      Even i hate to go into the paid queques like a king.

      First when i started writing the post i thought of Visa god/visa temple as title but i changed it to other title

  3. I ws really surprised Sari when we visited the temple and saw there were no hundis! And I love the equality here .. no special queues 🙂

    Did not know the Sthala Puranam though .. thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Being in the city for 22 years, i am bound to know at least this 🙂 The popularity of the temple has gone up rapidly from the year 2000 and yes it is known as the temple of the Visa god..

    I came to know about this temple only when it gained popularity.I visited this temple in 2002 after few days of my marriage as my sister-inlaw took a vow that she will bring newly married couple to the temple.

    I feel sad to say this but i kind of lost interest in visiting the temple now. The last time i visited(exactly 1 month back), one of the priest who speaks in the mike to motivate people to say govinda, govinda was kind of provoking people to love only hinduism…

    This priest is responsible for the popularity of the temple and also he is responsible for not giving the temple to the govt.

    He was telling that in some school they punished a girl for keeping ‘bottu’.. why shouldn’t we keep it. it’s our right. we ll fight with them and tel that its our right..and a lot more things..

    Even i heard about this in some christan convents where girls are not allowed to put bindi.

    I understand the point he tried to make but the way he said those things were kind of misguiding the people.. though it follows several good practices like no special queues, hundis etc, the temple board is kind of getting commercialized or rather trying to behave narrow minded in their approach to the temple and the Religion also.

    Not heard of temple board getting commercialized,maybe they wanted to take advantage about the popularity of the temple

    1. But punishing kiddos, let alone asking them nt to keep Bindi is simply too ridiculous!

      If a school happens to teach such things, what better wil the children learn!

      It is a known fact what few schools teach about the religion.Even hindu dominated schools also teach about the religion and how there religion is superior to other religion.

      1. I completely agree with your opinion Swaram..
        But there is a difference between raising your voice against and injustice and pointing out faults in others..
        I felt that on that day that priest was not doing the 1st thing but doing the 2nd thing.

        1. And of all the words he spoke he dint speak of the girl who got punished for no fault of hers..she was just getting dressed as her parents taught her to.

          If he had spoke at least a word or two about punishing the school kid or the behavior of the teachers, it would have been better. but all the while he was speaking against other religion and the school(which happens to be a christian school)..

          I don’t know if i am justified or not but that incident reduced the regard i had for the temple..

  5. Wow! That is so interesting, Saritha! I love such stories! They are so interesting!

    Me too love these stories

    Visa god 🙂 Yes, I had read about this – did not realise it was this temple until you mentioned it 🙂

    You know, it is funny how so many temple idols have been discovered due to dreams that have come to people.. I find it fascinating!

    I have one more draft about a temple where a devotee got god in his dream and built a temple with the idol he got

    Lovely writeup, Saritha! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Thanx smiths

  6. Thats a good story and a unique temple too. Treating all devotess as equals is a wonderful policy of theirs. and even no donation? Such practices should be followed in all temples. Good one and thanks for sharing.

    I wrote this post to show that there is a temple which don’t have hundies to accept people donations and also no pujaris are given money by the devotees

  7. it seems this is one of rare temple of its kind..

    Yes it so i thought of sharing the info

    interesting story and visa god 😆 😆

    thanks for sharing …it was good read!!


  8. When I visited Hyderabad, we had visited Golkonda fort and they told me about how Chilkur temple was built without the knowledge of the Nizam.

    No hundi? Great, indeed. No special darshan? Unheard of in our famous temples.

    The only different queque they have is for old people and women with small kids

    VISA Venkanna?! Interesting!

    Thanks for sharing, Saritha. Andhra has got lots of famous temples. Do write about them.

    Glad u liked it sandhya,planning to write about another temple shortly

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