Pics to share


This old tv which i am sure most of the people have seen in 70’s and 80’s and which is now a antique.This tv i saw at a garbage bin and clicked this snap inspite of background music from hubby.

The below are my Diwali snaps which were supposed to be posted after Diwali but didn’t do as i was not in a mood after knowing about the plagiarism. diwali 019

diwali 050



My laxmi pooja.

The person who is copying my post said that he admires my blog and through rss feed pulls the recipes from my blog and keeps in his website for his personal use and he apologized for it and said he will remove my post from his website.Till now nothing has been done will wait for few more days and will mail him again.

Thanks to all specially to liju who has helped me and thanks to all of you for the encouraging comments,your comments has moved me and stopped to me take a wrong decision.

Hugs to all 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


31 thoughts on “Pics to share

  1. lovely pics.. I know u must be disturbed by the plagiarism. hang in there.. there are unethical people in this world.. don’t stop showcasing ur creativity 🙂

  2. Your header is beautiful and the other photo of diyas, Saritha! No more worries. Lakshmi pooja photo is beautiful with all the prasadams!

    God bless you and your family!

  3. I can se some code for the picture… from photobucket… and your comment about taking the pictures and husband singing in the background 😆

    That is the snap of a old tv,will upload it again

  4. Wow those Rasgullas are very tempting !!!Great pictures from Diwali celebration….Saritha ,i am glad that the person involved has agreed to remove your post from his page.I hope and pray nothing like this ever happens to you again.Happy weekend dear and love to little angels Pinkuda and Varunavi.Once again i can’t get these Rasgullas out of my mind….

  5. I remember my grandparents had a TV like the one you’ve displayed here..My brother & I refuse to leave their house lest we miss our favirite TV shows.Those days we didnt have a tv.hence extra attachments towards our grandparents who lived just blocks away 😀

    Same here deeps,we used to go to granny’s house to watch when we didnt had tv,so my mom in order to stop us going alone to granny’s house brought tv for us

  6. glad to know the plagiarist apologised for his unethical behaviour.even better that you made him aware of your annoyance and will keep making him aware till he takes your posts off his page 😀

    Will do it deeps,thanx

  7. heyy that TV picture was good ! We dont get to see such makes these days. Use to watch from one such whenever we came down to india ! 😀 😀 😀

    This picture i took in sharjah

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