Plagiarism :(

Plagiarism is very common in the food blogs and this time i am the victim of the plagiarism.As all my friends/readers know that i have food blog which i started in jan this year.I spend atleast 1-2 hours of my time on the food blog everyday.It is sick to know that all my post are just copied and pasted in this

The heights is the content of my blog is copied within 1-2 hours of posting.And my blog name is mentioned as the contributor to the website and to my knowledge i never gave anyone to use my post and the pictures or i have sent my post to the said website.

My work was copied earlier as well but when i wrote to the blogger she removed my post.But here this website doesn’t have any comment section or any details about the person who is maintaining this website or any mail ids.

Inspite of watermarking the snaps,the snaps are copied and no where my blog name is mentioned.From my first experience of plagiarism i stopped watermarking my snaps.This website uses my post with pictures and says i am contributor to their website.

I love cooking and even before starting my food blog i used to try out new recipes.When i came through the food blog of sahaja and mona i got inspired by them to start my food blog.Through the food blog i got very good friends.Now i am having a second thought on my food blog.

Please help me……..


40 thoughts on “Plagiarism :(

  1. Oh dear hugs!

    I know hw it feels! Its really really bad! But all I cn tell u is we wil fight against her! If u r not comfortable, do protect ur blog and grant access to those who are genuinely interested!

    Don’t take decisions in a hurry and stop writing or something like that! Because we may not always take the right decisions in this state of mind!

    As said, when u r angry, count 10 🙂

    Hugs and muahs to the lovely chef Sari 😀

  2. Wonder what kind of a webpage or blog that is! Does not want to connect with anyone? Is the author maintaining the page as a recipe book for herself then 😛

  3. Hugs Saritha!

    I totally agree with what Swaram says, wait till you feel better before taking a decision.

    It’s better to give selective access rather than to stop writing…


  4. Never mind..It happnes in this e-world..If you get disheartened and stop blogging,the enemies will win..Find ways to counter theft and blog more and post more recipes..No matter how much people copy,your effort and the good word will spred on its own..

    Cheer up..

    Thanx nimmy, i was a bit down yesterday but all comments here has cheered me up.

  5. I am shocked,surprised and angry too…..i am not an expert in this field but felt and saw some real good advices in comment section…till the time you can take care of the matter i think making it a private blog is a good idea…i hope and pray may the truth win!!!!

    I felt shocked and suprised that who can anyone copy my post as it is.Anyway i mailed that guy will wait for the response from him

    Thanx kavitha

  6. Aww sorry to hear that dear…. it’s nasty… could be some kind of spambot or something!!!
    Never , never, never give up!!! Keep writing!!!

    Thanx EC, wont stop writing on the food blog

  7. this is really shocking!
    Plagiarism is becoming a serious issue in the blogging world.
    You did the most sensible thing by blogging about it.That is the most apt way to get back at those thiefs,Sari!

    Through writing here i got the details of the person who is doing plagiarism and thanx to you all for the encouraging comments.

    Dont get affected by it.Keep blogging and keep sharing 🙂

    hugs to you 🙂


  8. Saritha, this is shocking and very frustrating, I am sure you can report to WordPress. Philip’s information should help…

    Philip information helped me a lot,mailed to the guy which philip gave and that guy has responded and said sorry and he didnt mean to copy it.

    Also please do clearly write your url on the new pictures and even that you do not contribute anywhere… just thinking…

    You know IHM the people who copy know how to remove the watermarkings on the pictures,they remove it so neatly that we can’t find traces of the words written on the pictures.

    Also the link should be tweeted to let everybody know about this. Hugs to you Saritha! Don’t stop blogging or sharing!!

    I don’t know how to use twitter IHM but i thought of putting this on the facebook but now as he responded to my mail i wont do so.

    Thanx a lot had i not done this post i would not have come back so soon

  9. Saritha, This must be frustrating for you! To see all your recipes being lifted – shamelessly! Try reporting this blog – as Philip says. Don’t close down your blog – you are an inspiration to people like me 🙂

    Thanx a lot smitha i wont stop writing in my food blog.I got good friends like you to come to my rescue when ever i needed.Will mail you in detail

    Am sure you will be able to track down these people and get their pages taken down! I wonder what joy they get in doing things like this!
    Don’t let this dishearten you . Hugs!!!! and we are all here to help in any way we can..

    I mailed that guy and got a reply and he said sorry and he will remove my posts from his web

  10. This is really shocking, Saritha. Try to contact him like lijju said. We will see what happens. Please tell me about the progress, OK? Take care.

    Thanx sandhya,that guy responded to my mail and said he will remove my post.

  11. Sari, I have heard a lot about plagiarism in food blogs. I have seen some fighting till they get justice.

    Yes solilo plagiarism is so rampant that people whom you know copy your post and crop the image and do a post in their blog

    Do let all your foodie bloggers know and e-mail the website owner or post comments there to make it clear that you don’t want to be associated with that site. Also put up a post on your blog making it clear that the website is copying your content and you aren’t contributing there.

    There is no comment section in that website,but got response to my mail to him and said sorry

    These cheapo plagiarists should be brought down. There was a plagiarism movement 2 years back when yahoo website actually copied some content from an Indian blogger. You can find the link and badge on ‘Bong mom’ or ‘Inji Manga’s’ food blog.

    Thanx solilo will check the blogs

  12. From the look of it, it looks like a blog that automatically tracks down food blogs (using key words like food, cooking etc), copies the content and pastes it here. There are hundreds of such blogs out there. There isn’t a particular contributor. Its just a computer program.

    It is not too difficult to do. Someone with half decent knowledge of coding can do it.

    The web owner says he subscribes to my rss feeds and pulls all the recipes he likes and puts in the website for his personal use

    1. ofcourse there is a blog owner who does the dirty work. I guess you’ve already contacted the guy. Hope this does not happen again.

  13. Its really sad to hear akka… 😦

    I sometimes heard about plagiarism in blog world which is so sickening… taking credit for others work..

    and its good that now that guy apologized and hope he will remove the contents soon…

    and its great to hear you will continue your food blog…

    hugs to you…

  14. I really dunno how to express …
    Its really sad…… How can people even think of doing such a shameful act…
    I know how is it to put in 1-2 hours of effort everyday.. taking time off from kids.. nall….
    I hope things get better sooon….

    Sandhya welcome here

    Sandhya there is no solution for this,if u catch one copycate other one will come up.Sometimes i think i should not put this much effort.U said is right we take out time from kids,work,sleep late to put up a post and we see others take the post quite easily from our blog.It is very sick to see that our contents are copied.

  15. Oh saritha…plz dont stop ur food blog..i never write this but i m big fan of ur blog and there was a day when i spent some 2hrs with ur food blog reading all wonderful creation of urs 🙂

    I am glad rashmi that u liked my food blog,no dear i won’t stop writing.I am so addicted to food blog that what ever i cook i take snaps of it.Blogging is the best thing happened in my life apart from my family and kids

    Its indeed sad that somebody stole ur hardwork but by stopping to write will not stop them from doing this…indeed u shd raise voice against it…which u have already did even by writing here…do inform this to ur other food blog frens…

    Inspite of telling that guy he didnt remove my previous post and yesterday again my new post has been copied there,now i will be doing a post in my food blog as well so that other food bloggers will know about that website.

    1. U didn’t get my mail,i sent u a mail on the day that guy responded to ur gmail id.

      Come to dubai on a holiday and be my guest will make biryani for u 🙂

  16. That’s messed up! I don’t get why people do this online…it seems to be occurring a lot more these days. I hope it’s been sorted out. But in the mean time, it’s good that you have publicised it…and more importantly, the blog that is guilty.

    Welcome here babbler.This is more in food blogs,just yesterday i came to know another food blogger who is taking pictures from other food blogs and posting in his blog

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