I am a big girl

Varunavi thinks she is a big girl now…….

*She used a stool to stand near the sink and washed all the utensils in the sink when i was not well and was sleeping.

*Tells me  amma i saw you working the whole day you take rest.

*Nanu get dinner for us from out amma won’t cook today as i saw her working too much today.

*Gets down from the bus shouting and showing a badge which says she is chosen as  the Student of the Month.

*When asked what you are supposed to do when wearing the badge, she says she has to shout like her mom on her friends (classmates).

*Calls up granny to tell her to keep a candle and a match box near her so that she won’t search for them when power goes off.

*Will buy a mobile for granny which has a torch light.

I love you beta.

Hugs and loads of kisses. 🙂 🙂 🙂


21 thoughts on “I am a big girl

  1. Awww! She is a sweetheart! She is so sensitive too, Saritha!

    Varu is a BIG smart girl! Please tell her that, on my behalf and lots of hugs and kisses to the big girl 🙂

    Thank aunty,hugs and kisses to u

    The above line varu wrote smiths

  2. Oh!that is so thoughtful of her helping her momma ,thinking about granma……actually our kids watch us very closely and they reflect whatever they see……kudos to you Saritha ,you are raising very good kids……one tight hug to Varunavi for student of the month badge and a tighter one to Pinkuda….and you ,take care of yourself.

    Me:Kavitha ur comment always make me smile and happy.Thanx and we all three hug u back

  3. Girl child is a treasure, Saritha. Only they notice how much work mamma and pappa do and try to help in some small small ways. Varu is great. You have got a child to be proud of, Saritha. Hugs to her. God bless her.

    Thanx sandhya,we never notice that these kids observe so much and try to do what we do.

  4. Varu my darling, here r muahsss planted on both ur cheeks 🙂
    So sweet of her 🙂 Washing vessels, asking Papa to get food, candle and matches for granny – very very sweet of her Sari 🙂 She is a sweetheart! So understanding 🙂

    Me 🙂

    U r def. a big big and lovely girl Varu 🙂

    Thanx aunty.

    ROFL @ shout like Mumma 😛 😛

    Me: For her little more than a whisper is shouting.

  5. Aww Varunavi is a sweetheart Saritha!!! Imagine worrying about her mommy working or reminding her grandmother to keep a candle and matchbox ready!! She is such a sensitive and thoughtful child!!

    Me:Sometimes she keeps me wondering how can a 5 year old think so much

    She has obviously seen you being so caring and considerate, now she’s following your example 🙂

    Me:I want her to be more stronger and independent then me

    Girls become like their moms in so many little ways – it’s a joy to watch 🙂 We should do a tag on how much like us our children are or are not 🙂 … let’s really do that Saritha!!!

    Me:IHM these girls try to imitate their dad as well,varu likes to wear only pants because her dad wears it,she try to wears the t-shirt how her dad wears it.

    Yes IHM we will do a tag,we can find different qualities in them which they took it from grannies,aunties,uncles and from parents.

  6. sho sho shweet,Varu.You are a BIG girl,no doubt.You’re so caring and loving.

    God bless you always,sweetheart 🙂

    Varu:Thanx aunty

    hugs and kisses to you 🙂

    Hugs to you and to namanam

  7. Shout like mumma….Saritha..do you really shout on ur lil girls.. 😆

    Me: Little high pitch is shouting for them.Last time when i visited india,she used to get scared if she hear anyone talking loudly

    {{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}} to big girl 🙂

    Hugs to u and little yash

  8. *sooper tight hugsss* to my princess Varunavi!!!

    She hugs u back

    and muahs for getting that badge!

    Sari, she is so so thoughtful na…telling grandma to keep candle handy so she won’t have to search!

    and she washed utensils on her own!

    what happ? how are u feeling now? hope u are better Sari? hugssssssss 🙂 🙂

    Had sever pain in my legs and hands,it was so much that i was not able to get down from the bed,took medicine for a week and now fine.


  9. Awww…
    How cute and thoughtful of her! 🙂

    Candle for granny, rest for amma, she is a very senstive child! 🙂 🙂

    Hugs and Muahs to her!
    And yes, super tight hugs – congrats-wala ones for getting the badge! 🙂 🙂

    Varu:Thank you aunty

    You were not well? I hope you are feeling better now… {{{{{Hugs}}}}}

    I was not well last week,now fine,thanx and hugssssssss

  10. You are making the child do a lot of work at home, huh? Child labour !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Me: Work at home or home work 😉

    I didn’t see her doing the dishes,i was sleeping and hubby was not at home

  11. Wow..!!!!
    She did the dishes? We should all learn from her…specially her mom!? 😉

    Me:Ha Ha Ha Ha, i think men should learn from her how to help wife

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