Nirmal Paintings of Adilabad

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In my house we had a small painting done at nirmal popularly known as nirmal paintings.Most of the people from andhra know about this kind of paintings.The nirmal painting which we had in our house(the above ones) was gifted by mom’s college friends on her wedding day.When i was a kid used to copy the painting which was no were close.After getting married the piece is with me.

Nirmal paintings are the paintings named after a town called nirmal in adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh which is 210km from hyderabad.The paints used are natural colours derived from herbs and mud.The painting is done on a white soft wood and tamarind seed paste,fine muslin and pipe clay is applied to make it hard.All  nirmal paintings have dark background.


The craftsmen in Nirmal town known are known as “Nakkash.Government of Andhra Pradesh sell these paintings in craft village popular known as Shilparamam and all the government run handicrafts emporium known as Lepakashi.

The paintings are done on canvas and also on the furniture and the toys.The town nirmal is also famous for its toys.


Image source:-Lepakshi website.


36 thoughts on “Nirmal Paintings of Adilabad

  1. suddenly my internet connection is acting weird akka..

    not able to view the pics.. will view them once it gets well…

    thats a nice info on Nirmal painting.. I haven’t heard about them before..

  2. The paintings are so delicate, Saritha! And everything is so natural! It is truly amazing!

    Thanks for posting, Saritha – I love reading about these sorts of things. We have a wealth of such work in India. In Ahmedabad, I remember picking up clothes made entirely of vegetable dyes – nothing artificial in them..

    1. They are wonderful,the first painting was gifted to my mom 39 years back and the colours are still intact,there are few cracks at the corners of the painting

  3. Sari! this is so beautiful! i can never have enough of art!!! sigh! talent!!

    I love art, will update few paintings i did long back

    this was interesting to know about the technique of these paintings and the canvas… and they use natural colours! its true, when they say that everything one needs is provided in our nature itself!

    These natural colours doesnt fade at all.The first painting which my mom got 39 years back still has the colours

    i loved the first one u put up of the dancer

    Me too

    From the last five in a row, i simply was mesmerised by the third one – what a look and what perfect eyes!!

    hugssssssss for sharing!

    Thanx and huggs

  4. The points are so lovely Saru says Swaru 😛

    Okie, PJs apart, I never knew abt the Nirmal paintings! Surprised bcoz I make so many trips to Shilparamam and Lepakshi is next door 🙄 Hw dumb na 😦

    The paintings look awesome Sari and its so nice that they use eco-friendly materials. Gotta check out next time 😀

    BTW, u made one painting too rt? Y no pic of that one!

    We want Sari’s painting!!!!

  5. Beautiful paintings, Saritha! I have heard of ‘Lepakshi’ paintings. Nirmal painting is new to me.

    The first one looks so beautiful. The skirt looks like chiffon and the dupatta is so flimsy, looks so soft.

    The second one – again the skirt is beautiful. The postures of both man and woman look so natural.

    The other 5 paintings also look so natural. And you say, they use natural colours.

    Thanks for sharing this information, Saritha.

  6. Beautiful,Saritha! amazing to know the paints are all derived from herbs and mud.

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    So when are you showcasing your works??

  7. when i was in hyd..i visited shilparaman…but never noticed these paintings….
    all are lovely splly the first one…

    and you do painting too….u r like one all rounder in everyting… 🙂

    Do make a post of ur paintings !!

    1. Not much into the painting,i love to do and mostly they are with the kids water colours,now not getting much time.To kill my time before kids i used to do.

  8. SARITHA…how informative and interesting post…it is for the first time i have come across Nirmal-Paintings through your!!!no matter how much one tries nothing can beat these traditional form of art as they have a certain character.I am going to hunt down Andhra stall this coming trade fair for these…hope i get them.Thanks for sharing this.My hugs to PINKUDA and Varunavi(am i right?)

    1. These paintings mostly depicts mahabharat and ramayan characters.

      Very well said kavith nothing can beat these traditional form of art.

      Do check at andhra stall,maybe u will get it or try to buy them online in lepakshi website.

      Hugs from pinkuda and varunavi.

  9. Beautiful paintings. Never heard of it. I am amazed at the talent we have.

    A friend recently gifted me Madhubani paintings which is a famous art from Bihar. I love collecting such ethnic things.

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  11. Saritha,just dropped in to say hi and thanks….i love to visit you here and love when you visit me especially when you have such a busy schedule…i appreciate and value your friendship a lot.Thanks and love to little angles.

    Thanx a lot kavitha for such a lovely gesture,since long i wanted to visit delhi,when i come there will definitely visit you.

    Hugs to ur cutie pies and to u from all of us

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