Please don’t tell anyone

Me:Happy dussehra

Mom:Yes yes,happy dussehra only to you

Me:What??  (heard sister laughing from behind)

Mom:It’s ok if you celebrate vijayadashmi today.

Me:Why you didn’t call me to tell me about the date of the festival?

Mom:Was planning to call you today evening to remind you about tomorrow’s festival.

Me:Oh i got up at 5.00 in the morning and did payasam,tamarind rice,vada………

Mom:It’s ok you celebrate today.

Me:Please don’t tell anyone about this

Mom:I won’t tell but everyone here guessed it  😉

This is not rare thing to happen 😀 😀 😀

If the ramayan were on facebook— Got this link from rohini of rohinified,check the link


18 thoughts on “Please don’t tell anyone

      1. @ IHM: what else will vimmuuu do IHM? he will lose count…. but there is one bday if he loses count of…. KAPOW will happen….
        his fiance’s!!! 😆

        and the anniversary too!!! hee haw haw!!!

  1. happy dusshera to you and your family akka…. 🙂 🙂

    Wish u the same thambi and wish everyone in ur family on my behalf

    just consider today as Saraswathi Pooja 🙂 🙂

    we are celebrating today 🙂

    You are celebrating today,than i have a company

  2. LOL, Saritha! That was funny 🙂 But see, it is better this way – you celebrated on a Sunday 🙂

    See hubby is still laughing and making fun of me 😦

    Or you can celebrate again tomorrow – double masti 🙂

    Trying hard not to eat anything fried/oily and all these i have do to tomorrow also.

  3. God promise, I won’t tell anyone, Saritha. Just do all the paayasam, vada etc. tomorrow, too, OK?! Happy Saraswathi pooja and Vijayadashami, today and tomorrow!

    Ya don’t tell anyone,thanx sandhya and wish u the same

  4. Ha ha ha I wil nt do a post on my dear friend on my blog Saritha 😛

    Thanx swaram for not doing any post on me

    Happy Dussehra 🙂 U got Vijaya one day before cool no 8)

    Cool no 8 😀

  5. GOSH!!! u made all the goodies too!

    Did too much of cooking and have to do it again tomorrow
    😀 😀 😀 😀

    tee hee!!!!

    ROFL @ ur mom saying “happy dussehra only to u” heheheheh

    u can celebrate it for two days na!!!!

    Tomorrow i am supposed to cook all that but cooked it today

    i used to insist celebrating my bday on the same date in every month… 12 times a yr…

    Nice idea,will tell varu about this as she always ask me how many more days for her birthday

    it was fun.. then i grew up and i wasn’t cute enuff to humour anymore, the ccelebrations stopped! pah! 🙄

    It’s ok we will celebrate from now,when is ur birthday? i read some where but u know no how good i am in remembering dates

    hapy dussehra to u and ur family!

    Happy dussehra to you and to ur family

    special hugs to varunavi princess and pinkuda angel!

    Thanks aunty

    varu is blushing after reading princess


  6. lolz!
    hahaha.. you cooked everything one day in advance!!!!!!


    What did you do with all that yummy food?! :mrgreen:

    We all ate

    Will you be cooking everything again tomorrow?!!

    Made all those today again,double treat for kids

    *Saritha comes afetr Pixie with Belan in hand!!*

    Me went into hiding to avoid pixie belan

    hugs to both your little angles!! 🙂

    Hugs and happy dusshera

  7. lol! even we celebrated yesterday! 😀 well more because, husband had to work today, so i made all delicacies yesterday… 🙂

    I have got a company but i did all that again today

    Anyway Happy Dusshehra!

    Happy dusshehra

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