My Heart is in my neck

Wondering what is the title ??  Below is the conversation i had with varunavi today

Varunavi comes running to me and says amma my heart came up

Me: What??

She keeps my hand on her neck and says choodu na heart payki na neck loki vachindi (my heart came up to my neck)

Me: How it came up? 😛

Varunavi: I don’t know,i bend down to pick up my book and i started feeling the beats in my neck  ( Nanu vanganu book tesukuntanki,neck lo beats start ayindi) 😯

Actually she asked me what is heart? i explained to her what heart does to us and where it is located.


Few days back varunavi went to her friends birthday party,apart from a gift she gave this letter to her.

17-09-09 014_edited


Pinkuda was looking at the mirror and started shouting balls balls,i asked where?

She showed me her eyes and said there are two balls in my eyes and started crying that she wants to play with the balls.

Cheers and have a great weekend 🙂 🙂 🙂


28 thoughts on “My Heart is in my neck

  1. Now about the post… Kids sure are the greatest gift one can have.. They never stop taking you by surprise do they??

    The letter is sooo cute! And the little one wants to play with eyes! OMG… Hugs and Kisses to both of them!

  2. Heart in the neck and it beats too!

    :P: :P:
    Wants to play with eye balls!

    What an imagination?! Both Varu and Pinku are cute little ones. Keep writing about these things and treasure them for everyone, to read and enjoy after 10-15 years. It will be fun.

    Will write more,now pinkuda also started asking questions 🙂

    So Varu has started writing well in long hand. The greeting card is nice, Saritha.

    She learnt it last year and now they write only in cursive

    ‘Hugs’ to all the three of you! Take care.


  3. awww! 😀 😀 they are sooper, both ur gals!!!!


    hugs to both of them, Saritha!!!! 😀 😀

    Hugs from both of the

    To Varunavi:
    Sweetheart, your letter for ur friend is very sweet and pretty! I loved that Disney Princesses sticker you used! Very cute! Hugs for you!

    Varunavi:Hi aunty,How are you aunty hugs and thanks

  4. ROFL 😀 Ur girls rock saritha 🙂

    Thanx swaram

    Pls pls come to Hyd soon 🙂

    Me too want to come,waiting for 5 months to get over

    I so wanna hear that neck beats lub dub lub dub 😛

    Sure,when i ask her ur heart is still in the neck she says yes its not going down

    She wants to play with eyeballs so so sweet 🙂 Unique Pinkuda is I tell u 🙂

    She is

    N that greeting … one lovely friend she is 🙂

    She likes her friend a lot 🙂

  5. so too smart girls are budding in ur house..:-)

    Ya Ya thanx

    when i was kid asked me that why i m hidding football in my stomach…and i shd gave that to him so that he can play 🙂

    Lol football,these kids think differently

  6. ROFL! Both of them are so cute! Such pearls of wisdom 🙂 Heart in my throat! and Pinky wants to play with the ‘balls’ in her eyes! Wow!

    No not throat her neck (when i corrected her and said it is throat she says no neck

    Varunavi wrote all that by herself? Wow! She is so smart!

    I was sleeping and she got up in between her sleep and wrote that

    Children do come up with the most amazing things!

    Today she wrote about her teacher,will show you that

    Please pass on my hugs and kisses to both of them!

    They both passing hugs and kisses to aunty and poohi

  7. Cherish that baby sticker, and that letter on a notebook page… 🙂

    IHM she gave that paper to her friend,before giving her i took that snap

    She’s adorable!!! LOL@ her heart’s in her neck 🙂 She really wanted the balls from her eyes to play with!! This reminded me of this Akbar Birbal story of a child who wanted an elephant in a small clay pot, nobody could help the kid in the darbar, and finally the mother simply told him that the big elephant was no fun, she asked for a small clay elephant which fitted into the pot 🙂

    Pinkuda showed me her eyes in the mirror and said that she wants to play with her eye balls.

    Nice story IHM never heard of it

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