Happy Birthday Sis

Happy Birthday Kavi

No matter where I go

I’ll always find you there 

Because you’re in my heart

 Of this I’m quite aware

We breath the same air

 We walk under the same moon

The sun shines on us both

We dance to the same tune

Whether we’re together Or we’re far apart

 When you see the stars shining

Remember you’re in my heart

May the time quickly pass

Until we’re together again

I miss you more than you know 

Happy Birthday kavi.I am greatful that i have you as my elder sister,who always used to protect and i always cherish our childhood days,you always made it a point to wait for me to have lunch together during college days,calling me very often when i am out on work.You are the only one who came to my rescue when a terrible thing happened in my life,you are the one who took care of me when i was bed ridden with facture.You are the one who cried for me when i was in pain,i will never forgot that day when you sat outside the hospital room,cried and prayed for me.

I know i was always demanded you and i am the only one who pull your legs.You like a meek soul never said anything .Hugs to a wonderful sister,if at all i get another life i pray that i should get you as my sister.

I don’t know whether i am a good sister to you or not but your are the best and wonderful sister.Have a great day and i miss you so much.

Poem Source:-Google


Varunavi school started after summer break and i am not getting much time to blog.So going on a blog break but will try to read and comment on all my blog samaj friends blogs,excuse me if i have missed comming to your blogs,will surely come on Fridays and Saturdays.

Have a great day  🙂 


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sis

  1. Happy birthday to Kavi, your dear sister, Saritha. You seem to be having a unique and loving sister. God bless her and all of you.

    I know that you will come and read my post (!) definitely, if not today, tomorrow! Don’t worry, Saritha. Take care.

  2. Happy Birthday to the wonderful sister Kavi 🙂

    N luv to a lovely sister Saritha 🙂

    That ws such a touching post Saritha! Makes me want to talk to my sister nw 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to your Akka, Saritha! Two sister’s bond is something amazing!

    The poem that you have chosen for her is so beautiful! Lovely lovely post!

    As for blog break – take it easy – and come back whenever you get a chance. Hugs!

  4. Belated birthday wishes to your sister Saritha..
    Hope she had a wonderful time and continues to have it for many more years to come..

    Hope to see u back soon..

  5. Happy bday to kavi…May she get bestest of best..
    i always having sis in my life…..me grown up with notorious elder bro….

    I am there no ur elder sis

    BTW…i luvd the poem…

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