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Varunavi school started since yesterday.Poor child got up at 5.40 am without any fuss,took all pinks to the school (her bag,lunch box,pencil box,pencil,eraser…….. all pink).On her way to school hubby met with a small accident and our new car had a big scratch at the back.And varunavi called me telling that a uncle doesn’t know how to drive and he came and hit us,i jumped and my head touched the roof of the car.Thank god that nothing has happened but she was late for her school.She made a card to her teacher in which she wrote I LOVE YOU MAAM and did some flowers and coloured  it.

Pinkuda terrible missed her sister.As soon as varunavi left she went and slept on varunavi’s bed and covered herself with her sister’s comforter,slept there for 1 hour or so.After sometime she started crying that she too want to go school,she brought old school bag of varunavi,kept few of her books.

When varu came back she hugged her,kissed and said i love u akka (Sister).The scene was like they both met each other after very long time and pinkuda was following her where ever varu went.Today also pinkuda got up with her sister and was crying that she wants to take bath with her and want to get ready for school.Just took her till the bus stop and came back.

Sandhya tagged me to do dance number,here is my list of favourites:-

1.This is a song from Aqua–Barbie girl,this used to come on doordarshan in 90’s.This is the only english song i know and i understand also as i find it difficult to follow english songs.

D’you wanna go for a ride? Sure Ken. Jump in… I’m a barbie girl, in a barbie world Life is so fantastic.Check here

2.Om Shanti Om — Deewangi deewangi …… this is for Solilo.My kids love this song

(I am not able to upload this video as pinkuda poured water on the laptop and few keys are not working)

3.Jab We Met– I don’t like kareena kapoor but i love this song and the singer.

 4.Prema Desham– remake of tamil hit,superb songs.I bunked my class for the first time to see this movie.Excellent music by A.R.Rehman.

5.Gentleman — Another master pc of prabu deva dance,excellent


21 thoughts on “My ramblings and a tag

  1. I have been to that hotel where that song of Jab we met was shot.. Naggar.. is the village … a very beautiful place…

    Beautiful village no,me want to go there

    that barbie girl song is terrific… I alsmost forgot it… !! thanks for reminding..

    I love that song,not able to upload here

    mustafa and this gentleman songs were lovely too… !!!

    nice collection


  2. Thank God no one was hurt ……Saritha(am i right?)you know the same pattern is followed in my house too …my son cries a lot on my daughter’s school days,especially the day she carries her swimming kit because he wants to go too….
    Your tag is very interesting and enjoyable….Mustaffa is my hub’s fav,JWM is mine,Barbie is Gauri’s…lots of common threads here.

  3. i hope everybody and the car is alright. Btw, did Varunavi have fun at school?

    Varunavi likes to go to school,she loves her mama 🙂

    The songs are all masterpieces! 🙂 Let me go back to my music page now… 😀

  4. OMG Thank God everyone is safe!

    ANd that bond b/w sisters – gosh! Got tears in my eyes! Touchwood n may the bond grow stronger!

    Me too when i see these kids playing with each other i miss my sisters in particular my elder sister

    I so miss my sis whenever I read such posts!

    U managed to take any pics dear?

    No dear didnt take the pics
    One beautiful post! N so sweet of her to wake up so early n that too without any fuss! Luv the two sisters 🙂

    Till now i don’t remember anytime varunavi cried that she wont go to school,without any fuss she goes to sleep by 8.00 at night and gets up at 5.30/5.40
    Hugs n muahs to both of them 🙂

    You too,they want your hugs and muahs personally 🙂


    Aqua is one nice album isn’t it?
    JWM song i like it 🙂
    Mustafa mustafa is one lovely song abt friendship na 🙂
    Gentleman song is gud too 🙂

    Nice choice Saritha 🙂


    Thanx swara hugggggggggggggs

  5. Accident?!! oh no!
    thank God everyone’s alright!!

    How’s Varunavi doing at school? does she like it? 🙂

    She loves going to school and a bit show off also ;)
    Aww @ Pinkda give her hugs from me ok? 🙂
    And the songs are awesome!

    I love love Prabhu Deva’s dancing!! 🙂

    Me too

    I have decided not to do this tag, its too difficult and I have way too many songs that I like!

    It took me a day to decide the songs
    And the Barbie Girl song, JWM – perfect!

  6. Oh! hope Varu and her Dad are fine.

    Thanx,both are fine
    Aww…so cute at li’le sister missing her big sister. The bond is fabulous. Kisses to Varu and Pinku.

    Kisses to u aunta

    Love all the songs.

  7. Varu now?and Pinkuda is sho sho shweet!Do give them both lots of hugs and kisses from me.

    Varu is fine enjoying her school and showing her all pink stuff to her classmates

    I loved your collection of songs,Sari 🙂

  8. Thank god nobody got hurt! But your new car has a scratch! I feeling like giving that driver a piece of my mind!

    Actually hubby was driving slow as he was looking for parking and this guy a taxi driver came from behind and hit him.Even i said the same thing to hubby but he is slient always and gives a smile.Yesterday i saw the car it has a big dent,i felt so bad

    Varunavi woke up at 5:40! wow! She is one smart girl! And I hope she still has that nice teacher that you had written about? All pink stuff 🙂 I can imagine her excitement!

    She has the same teacher for this year.She loves her mama and gave her a card and now she wants to gift her mama a crochet turtle which i did yesterday

    Poor Pinkuda, missing her akka! Poor darling! Hugs to both of them!

    Hugs to u aunta

    The songs are really nice! I had forgotten about that Barbie song too – but it was really catchy! Good that you put it up 🙂
    I have to do this tag too- and I am so bad at movies and songs. the only ones I can think of are Poohi’s nursery rhymes 😦

    Lol nursery rhymes,i sing rhymes to put pinkuda to sleep 😉

  9. Hugs to pinkuda….she is chooooooo chweet..

    Muhas to her 🙂 ….

    thank god..varunavi and her dad are fine…but ur hubby is gr8 to keep silent at somebody else’s mistake..

  10. Thank god, Varu and her dad are not hurt. Nice to hear the tale of Pinku missing her akka and wants to go to school with her. They are going to be very close sisters.

    I love all the songs, you have listed here, Saritha. Gentleman, ‘mustafa, mustafa,’ Jab we met…every song is danceable and melodious too. Am playing ‘chikku bukku’ now…

  11. Everybody were safe.. thats the best news 🙂 and the love they between each other…

    Hugs to both of them.. they are so cute… 🙂 🙂

    Hugs to you mamu

    and for the songs… I love all the ones you have mentioned…

    The song from OSO is also my favourite…, Jab we met song and not to say the last 2 ARR numbers… they are rocking songs 🙂 🙂

    Thanx thambi

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