My Creations Crafty’s Inspirations

In school i had SUPW class in which i was taught how to make sweaters with crochet.Until i saw crafty’s creation i never knew that one can do so much with the crochet.If anyone missed seeing her blog ,pls check here, they are so beautiful, adorable  and  inspirational.She was so sweet she send me few links and designs,i learnt from all those links the  abbreviations used in the making of crochet and did few designs.

This is varunavi’s pouch in which she keeps all her hair accessories










19-08-09 010




04-09-09 013

04-09-09 032







04-09-09 033


54 thoughts on “My Creations Crafty’s Inspirations

  1. So I am first again. Hitchie and Swaram it’s ok, you will get used to it 😉

    Your creations are really amazing Saritha, I love crochet too, though I haven’t made anything new for ages now … My fav is the grey one!

  2. Lovely Lovely Lovely, Saritha!!! These are amazing!

    I so want to do this too! I had asked Crafty and she had sent me all the details – but everytime I try it – Poohi finds its very interesting to play with thw wool 😦 So now it has got hidden away : ( I will start again – when she starts her nursery school – will ask Crafty and you for advice then.

    1. thanx smitha

      Same here pinky gets so exicited by seeing the wool,so i gave her one colour to play and i do with another colour.She has already spolied one colour wool,but i keep on giving her the same thing.

      Do start will give you more links of the designs

    2. allleee smithu!!!! no probs!!!! u will surely get to do some fab crochet soon!!!! 😀

      and make that doll for Poohi!!!
      actually u make something else, me has reserved that doll for Poohi already! 😀

      now u have two ppl to help u , Saritha and me!!

      1. Crafty, I seem to have no time – have no idea what I do – but time just rushes by 😦 By the time Poohi sleeps , all I want to do is hit the bed 🙂 Excuses excuses.. Will start – I have to – now am majorly inspired by both of you!

  3. arre waah !!!!!!!!!

    chupi Rustam.. !!! my saritha…. you talented toooo !!!!!!

    very good very good…

    hey i can make the match stick box fall on the side i want.. can i be counted talented too ?? 😀 😀

  4. Saritha, you are multi talented. Your cooking just amazes me and now this craft too.

    All the display are fabulous! Do make a separate menu to display your work. Love that elephant. Sho cute!

    Its been long since Crafty made crochet things. Are you listening Crafty bachcha?

    1. yes soli!!! i am listening and crying!!

      che che!! i don’t find time…
      u know, that surprise i made for u Soli! some time back in stone age? it still sits in my book shelf.. me needs to take a good snap of it to put it up! 😦

      yes yes! must to put some more crochet up!!!

      til then, Saritha!!! u must add to crochet delights 😀

  5. SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Saritha!!!!!! U made so many cutesie stuff!!!

    Me: Thanx crafty

    i say, u put a new page up… for ur crochet creations! really! they look awesome!!

    Me:will do it shorlty

    That baby elephant!!!!!! tee hee heeeeeee 😀
    its adorable i tell ya!!!! cootchie coooo!!!!

    Me:I was having doubt whether i really looked like a baby elephant

    and the pouch is lovely! varunavi must be treasuring it for keeping all her little delights!!!

    Me:She wont keep her sister things in that

    the pumpkins too look delicious!!! u had used them next to the ganesh moorthi for puja!!!


    the coffee cup is just slurp slurp slurp!!!
    wait till pixie sees this!!! i think i’ll go tell her!!!
    pixu and swaram and me will come and get our dose of coffee from here now! 😀 😀 😛 😛

    that brinjal is soooper too!!!! imagine! u cud make like some more fruits and put them in a mini basket in kitchen!!! teee heee!!! 😀

    Me:Want to do few veggies more and make a basket and keep all that in that

    u learnt all abbreviations and did patterns!!!! u r talented Saritha! and now we are Crochet Buddies!!! 😀

    Me:I am just a beginner

    am so so so happy u made stuff!!! as i said, if u have anything in mind u wanna try, then just lemme know, i will mail u the pattern! 🙂

    Me:Will let u know

    what’s varunavi’s fav among all these??? is it the baby elephant???? 😀

    Me:pumpkins and tea cup

    me got one too! i made so many months ago!!
    will put it up!

    Me:want to see urs


    u go and make some more Saritha!!! i hope u put a page of all this!!! MUAHS!!!!

    Thanx so much,u have encouraged me a lot and muahs and huggggs

  6. This is really amazing Saritha! Even I never thought that so many things can be done in crochet.

    Where do you squeeze time to do all these things, Saritha? I liked the pumpkin, first, 2 days back. Now, this elephant is cute. Tea cup is excellent. Brinjal…everything is beautiful.

  7. Wow..,chaala baaga chesaaru..and even maaku kooda chinnapputu SUPW undedi..but i used yell with my SUPW teacher Chaitaali(still i remember her name)..,aadavalu chese panulu enduku maa cheta cheipistunnarani… 😛

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