YSR is no more


Hope after hope since yesterday that CM of Andhra Pradesh and other 4 members of his team who were travelling by chopper to chittor are alive.But now it is confirmed that CM is no more and also the 4 members are not alive.They crashed into a hill and lost contact with the air controller.

 Every politician has draw backs but he is the one who really contributed to the welfare of the poor people.He is the one who did so much for the backward people.He gave free power to the farmers, free education,Rajiv Arogya Shree free health care programme for the poor and Rs.2.00 rice to name a few.I personally know people who got benefited by the rajiv arogya shreefree health, where the patient got free medical treatment amounting to 1 lac rupees absolutely free.

He will always be cherised as the politician who really worked for the people.

May his soul rest in peace.My heart felt condolence to his family. 

Image courtesy:-Deccan Chronicle


19 thoughts on “YSR is no more

  1. Really felt bad, when I saw the news in the afternoon. He was so cheerful, talking to people yesterday, before leaving and today, this tragic death news. The family members must be still in shock.

  2. I saw the news about him missing yesterday.Even I was hoping he would be found.Today somehow didnt get to watch the latest.
    Thats sad indeed.
    May his soul rest in peace 😦

  3. ah… like Crafty says above, the good go, the crap stays behind.

    The only reason why he was able to beat the combined might of TDP, Commies, Chiru, BJP, KCR and the rest singlehandedly in the elections was because of what he did for the rural poor. And they voted in droves to bring him back to power.

    The urbanites will complain forever cos they are so used to whining. Congress has lost a solid foot soldier. They will miss him for sure.

    RIP YSR.

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