Vinayaka Chavathi


I never did Vinayaka chavathi alone and this is my first vinayaka chavathi which i did i alone without the guidance of my mom or my m-law.Last year i was fortunate to celebrate the festival with my mom who did puja and read ganesh story.After coming here to gulf i never got holidays on our festivals and there is no public holidays for our festivals.So i always used to go to work and my m-law who was staying with me used to do puja and in the evening i used to eat the delicacies.Sandhya gave me the sholkas to do the puja and mom told me how to make the delicacies.



My girls

Ganesh is kept in the house for three days and later it is immersed in the water.What we usually do in hyderabad is we used to keep our Ganesh at our colony community hall where there is big ganesh installed and all the  colony members go to hussain sagar lake (tank bund) on the tenth day and do ganesh visarjan there.More info is here

PS:-I did this post in my food blog day before yesterday


24 thoughts on “Vinayaka Chavathi

  1. The celebration style seems to be similar… 🙂
    happy vinayaka chavathi to all in your family sister 🙂
    hope Varunavi and Pinkuda enjoyed much the celebration and sweets 🙂 hugs to them 🙂

    Thanx kanagu and wish you the same.

    Hugs from varunavi and pinkuda

  2. Happy Vinayaka Chavathi to you and your family too, Saritha!

    Thanx smitha

    Your pictures look lovely! And so does your pooja room. Am sure Varunavi and Pinkuda had a wonderful time 🙂

    Thanx and kids had wonderful time and pinky was very busy

  3. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to you and your lovely family! 🙂
    The pics are lovely! 🙂

    Thanx and wish you the same

    The food looks delicious! 🙂

    Thanks pixie

  4. Happy Vinayaka Chavati Saritha!!!!

    Thanx crafty,hugs to u

    everything looks so perfect! is that Ganesh murthi sandalwood?

    Yes it is sandalwood

    the food is looking sooper yummy!
    i was just bragging of not eating lunch and not feeling huungry and now…

    this post is not for the empty-stomached!!!!!!

    *rumble grumble roar*

    crafty has few stern words with tummy!

    is anything left over? can i have some????
    😀 😀

    Why left over,will make again for u,hot hot


    Huggs,did u notice the 3 pumpkins ??

    1. hot hot food for crafty???

      Yes hot hot tutty fruity bread as starter
      Followed by biryani

      *crafty hugs saritha real hard and gives a noisy muah on both cheeks, sits ready on table*

      Tight hugs
      yessssssssss!!!!!! now i saw those pumpkins!!!!
      they are beauties Saritha! cuteness!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks, you are my inspiration

      u are good!!! just u tell me ANY pattern u want to make, i will mail it to u!!!!

      Got few patterns from a link from your blog (lion brand)

      yay!!!!!!! waiting for the lil elephant u are making! me made one too!!!! few months back… when i had the time 😦 😦

      Finished elephant yesterday with a slight different colour,will take a snap and will show u

      now no time! wail!

      lil baby elephant! tee hee!!!!!!
      *crafty squealing m waiting*

      😀 😀 😀


  5. i saw this post at ur food blog saritha.. was lazy to comment there as i had to log in to WP then..

    Same post i copied here

    the puja and the food look so good 🙂
    is varunavi in pattu langa?? i can only see their hair 🙂

    Yes she is wearing a pattu langa

  6. My comment is already there in your food blog, but I liked to watch Varunavi and Pinkuda doing namaskara, so sincerely. Nice kids, Saritha. ‘Hugs’ to them and to you too!

    Thanx and hugs to u as well.

    btw i didn’t get comment there

  7. Happy Vianyak Chaturthi. About doing it yourself, I find that lot of the stuff just comes from memories and you know what to do. I am sure it was great fun and will be a beautiful memory for your family eventually

    Thanx and wish u the same suchismita,kids had fun and will never forget this festival for sure

  8. Happy Vinayaka chathurthi !!! All you guys happily publish the snaps of sweets without even thinking of poor souls like us 😀 😀 😀

    Thanx,come to dubai to eat those sweets

  9. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. This time the Ramzan fasting time also coincides with the festival. Must be a feast for people in Hyderabad.

    Even i miss the festival in hyderabad and don’t mention about the food for iftar

    I miss haleem 😦

    I don’t miss haleem cause i ate it yesterday,we have a typical hyderabadi hotel here and he serves excellent biryani and haleem during ramadan

  10. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to u and ur family…

    Wish u the same rashmi

    varunavi and pinkuda are lucky to have good cook like u as mom..i just visited ur food blog..there is hell lot of recipes which i can try…

    Thanx a lot rashmi,do try and let me know

    {{{{{HUGS & KISSES }}}}}} to both of them

    Hugs to yashwin

    What u call her??

  11. No wonder your prasadam looks so good and tempting(sorry God)… are a great cook….i love the way Varunavi and Pinkuda are offering their pranam to Ganesha….you are instilling very good sanskars in them…that is beautiful and i respect it a lot.

    Thanx so much kavitha,they see me doing it and they try to do it the way i do 🙂

  12. Hope you had a great celebration time during Vinayaka Chaturthi!

    Arrangement looks so good and also yum dishes.

    Saritha, do you have lunch box recipes in your cooking blog? I have asked Monika too. I am collecting all now that school re-opens.

    Solilo check this link for the kids recipes which i usually pack for varunavi’s breakfast at school as she comes back home for lunch.

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