Questions by a 5 year old

Varunavi became very inquisitive and is always asking questions which sometimes i don’t have answers.The other day i was changing my earrings and this what she asked me:-

Varunavi :- Who gave you this earrings?

Me :- My friends

Varunavi :- Tell me names?

Me : -Shradha,Haritha,Ratan and Ravi.

Varunavi :-  Raviiiiiii,that is a boy’s name

Me :- So

Varunavi :- With a shocked expression and said you took gift from a boy?

Me :- There is nothing wrong in having a boy as a friend and taking gift from him.

After that i was seriously thinking what made her to say that,we never differentiate between a boy or girl,nor we teach her that she should be away from boys,she goes to co-ed school and to my knowledge her best friend is a boy.Maybe she thought mama should not have boy as her friend.

These are few questions she asked me :- 

Why aunties don’t wear while dancing and all uncles wear full clothes?

Why aunties wear fully when swimming and uncles don’t wear much?

Why sun is a boy not girl?

Why we sleep when lights are off ?

Why you don’t give me break for one day ?  This was the question she asked me when i told her summer holidays are going to over get your books  we will revise maths.


35 thoughts on “Questions by a 5 year old

    1. LOL at her questions…
      peanut, poohi and now Varunavi is joining the league 🙂

      so shes all worried that mamma took a gift from a boy..

      Why aunties don’t wear while dancing and all uncles wear full clothes? , Why aunties wear fully when swimming and uncles don’t wear much?
      She observed all these and came up with such questions..Tell me what replies u gave 🙂

      She observes a lot,she once told me her teacher wored a new dress

      Why sun is a boy not girl?..ROFL.. this is gender discrimination na 😀


      Why we sleep when lights are off ? …lol..

      Why you don’t give me break for one day ? 😀 😀

      1. yes give me reply to that swimming one wala… what reply did you give her 😛 😛 😛

        I didn’t reply her,now i am waiting for replies from you all and will tell her 😉

    2. Mystery is on Roll… From the morning she was rocking… 😀

      Hitchy and Swaram.. beware.. here comes the another ‘1st comment’ infected human 😆

  1. Revise in vacation ????? this age girl ????????

    Her school is from 30th august and they will revise all what they have done before vacation,i just wanted to prepare her

    are you nuts !!!!!!!!!!

    let them play !!!!!!!!!! leave them alone will ya !!!!!! give them a break… seriously !!! all you Mom’s dont forget you were kids once…

    Yes we were kids once but we never sat 24 hours before cartoon tv,i will never stop her watching tv and playing,because from next week her school starts i told her to revise that too only maths.

    1. I dont like them watching cartoons a lot either… !!!

      but every generation has their things… !!

      however my lil one does have his share in the park.. playing jungle jungle and pakda pakdi… i join him on sundays toooo !!!!!!!

      its must to take kids to the world outside… thankfully we have a nice park very near our house… !!

      1. That’s what we miss here,it is very hot during the mornings and very humid in the evenings so we hardly they them out.

        But during winters twice a week we take them to the park in the evenings and they enjoy a lot.

  2. Goodness! These kids!

    I hardly let Anisha watch bollywood songs – am terrified of what she will pick up 🙂 One of my friends almost had a heart attack when his then 3 yr old copied Yana Gupta in some song 🙂 Ever since I heard that – I am paranoid:)

    I think by stopping them to watch will increase their curiosity,pinkuda loves hindi songs,and always humms tharuk khan songs

    They have their concepts all right, no? Saritha – how dare you take a gift form a boy!!!! Varunavi – don’t worry – we will all scold your mother 😉

    ‘Why aunties don’t wear while dancing and all uncles wear full clothes?

    Why aunties wear fully when swimming and uncles don’t wear much?

    Why sun is a boy not girl?’

    All such valid questions 🙂 She is such a bright girl 🙂 And Saritha – you make her to maths on vacation – bad bad!!

    It is almost 60 days,i didn’t tell her to read,now that i told her she is getting all support from uncles and aunties here
    Hugs for Varunavi – she is a sweetheart!

    Hugs to aunty–varunavi says so

  3. ahahhahaaaa….. poor thing- give me a break for 1 day! I agree with her, anyway the school is going to teach her, so why again revise?

    One more support for

  4. i used to stay with my friend’s family during the initial years here in S’pore. His daughter used to kill us with her questions. Very similar to the ones your kid asks.

    And then, they dont stop till you reply 😀

    She thinks mom and dad knows everything and when she doesn’t get answers she tells me to ask my mom

  5. OH god!!! these kids are really brilliant and giving their parents a hard time 😀 😀

    *I missed that oppurtunity, I guess. My mom never complained about me* 😆

    Me too my mom never complained

    /*Why aunties don’t wear while dancing and all uncles wear full clothes?*/

    we ourselves ask this question between us and make fun.. Poor producer… he has lost all the money and got that much to give to heroine 😀

    We also used to say that

    /*Why aunties wear fully when swimming and uncles don’t wear much?*/

    No answers 😦

    /*Why sun is a boy not girl?*/

    me stunned and pass 😦

    /*Why we sleep when lights are off ?*/

    its time for me to run from here, before anymore questions 😀 😀

    and please more of varunavi and Pinkuda’s questions.. it makes to me to think 🙂

    *Hope you heard that from a distance, sister.. as I am running off*

    Nahiiiiii don’t run,help me in answering her

    1. /*Why you don’t give me break for one day ?*/

      ah.. I didn’t seen this… bad mom.. bad mom..

      Why one day….. she can take break until August 30th… She will cope up really well once she gets into the classes… I am sure Saritha…

      She didn’t touched her books since last 2 months and now she is getting one more support
      until then enjoyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  6. oh no! what questions!! 🙂
    Varunavi is one observant kiddo!! 🙂 🙂

    What did you answer to her?

    Aunties like to wear those dresses in the songs and uncles likes to wear fully–for why aunties wear less

    but, there are so right on target aren’t they?!

    Hugs to her!

    Hugs back to u

    how’s Pinkuda’s nose?

    Fine,little scar is still there

  7. and how did you answer for the rest of the questions??? 😀 😀 😀

    Few i didn’t answer and was expecting you all to answer it 😉

    very inquisitive children are 🙂

    She is

  8. Nice post. nice questions too. I was always hoping I do not run out of answers(the right ones) before mine run out of questions. They ask you less as they become older. The teens know answers to what even you do not!!! as i am finding out.

    Welcome here suchismita,sometimes i run out of answers and tell her some story which she believes is right (what ever mom says is right for her).

  9. ROFL!!!!

    what lovely questions!!!! 😀
    hugs to varunavi!!!!

    Hugs to u too

    yes…… how to answer these???!!!!
    but what imagination and questioning of logic!!

    aha! u took gift from a BOY?????
    *crafty glares*


    that was priceless!!!! 😀 😀

    once during open day in senior kg, my mom was with the mom of the boy who was my partner in class. and the boy walks up to them and asks my mom “can i marry her aunty?”
    both moms were amused… and my mom asked why he wanted to marry me so he said, “she was my partner na, and next year also we want to be partners… if we marry, then teacher will not make any other boy her partner….”

    Lol can i marry u that too in upper kg–super yaar
    kya logic lagaya!! 😆

  10. So Varunavi is questioning you!

    Since last few days she started asking questions,some questions are so embrassing that i don’t have answers for that

    Really she is good at clearing her doubts, on the spot! We were thinking twice before asking questions. These kids are more intelligent.

    Nice questions by her. It shows her intelligence, Saritha. All the best to you!

    Thanx sandhya

  11. ROFL! gosh!Varunavi is a smart inquisitive girl.Good that you wrote this post,Saritha.I can use this as a reference point to prepare for the little imp that is growing in my household.

    Thanx,do share the questions of namanam

    “Why you don’t give me break for one day ? This was the question she asked me when i told her summer holidays are going to over get your books we will revise maths.”-hilarious 😀

  12. Varunavi’s IQ level is brilliant..visible from her questions…
    As deep said…i shd also be prepared for these some funny and some weird questions from angel…time fly very fast with kids…

    Yes time flies very fast with girls,i can’t believe that my baby is 5 1/2 years and to talk her i no longer bend

    All the best for giving her answer !!

    Thanx rashmi

  13. Illanti questions nenu ippatiki adugutu untaanu..for sample okka qn aduguta..

    Oh god,intilu daughter adugu undi,blog lo meru adugu tunaru

    Chandamaama ani moon ni antaam..Maama ante male..aite..Chandamaama raave ani female ni pilichinattu enduku paata paadutaamu..??

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