Night Zoo At Al Ain

There are two zoos in UAE.One is in dubai and another one is in Al Ain which opens in the evening.One friday we went to dubai zoo but were very disappointed to see all the animals sleeping in there A/C rooms,believe me not even one animal we saw,what we saw there was few birds which were trying to fly in the small enclosure which is dark and unclean.The tempretature in dubai then was around 48 degree celcius.

Kids where really disappointed for not seeing a single animal.I heard of Al Ain zoo and that too we can go there in the evenings.So googled it for more details and went to the zoo last friday.Al Ain in one of the seven emirates of UAE and is also known as garden city.The city is green and no one will believe that this city is in the middle of the desert.

Kids had fun there.Pinkuda got hurt but still she didn’t want to come out from there.This zoo is very big compared to dubai zoo and all the animals were in the open lands with lots of trees and small ponds.The main attraction was the gorilla,poor thing it was sitting alone and thinking why these people have confined me to a small place with lots of trees and small man made pool and a waterfall.I took almost 10 snaps but i didn’t get gorilla in one snap.Pinky doesn’t wants to come from there,she was making sounds so that gorilla sees at her.Gorilla was least bothered it was just sitting and nodding her head as if she is understood what the visitors are talking.On the way varunavi was asking why gorilla don’t have a company,what gorilla is doing alone with a ball beside her and we said zoo people will allow people to play with gorilla so she was asking her dad to take her again to zoo so that she will play with gorilla.

We brought our dream car Camary.First time we went to zoo in the car and pinkuda doesn’t want to come in the car as she says this is not our car,this is uncle’s car and uncle will beat you all.With so much of bride (cocolates,tips (chips)duit (juice))she got into the car.

11-08-09 055







Can you believe this zoo is in the desert 🙂

11-08-09 068







11-08-09 117







11-08-09 054  

11-08-09 071

 11-08-09 090I want to drive but its been 3 years i didn’t drive,so a bit tensed. 🙂


25 thoughts on “Night Zoo At Al Ain

  1. Fun trip there!

    Sad that u cud nt c any in the local zoo though 😦

    Varunavi n Pinkuda r so sweet 🙂

    She wanted to go play with the chimp 😛

    Hws Pinku nw???

    Fine,just a small scar on her nose,she says beauti spot

    Me wants cocolates,tips, duit too 😉

    Come here

  2. That looks so cool, like night safari type! I am game for zoo any time andy day, bcos most of my relatives live there 😛

    Ha Ha Ha Ha……

  3. car eh? camry is a good car…

    yes, i’ve been to alain many times since childhood (btw, i was born and brought up here in UAE). And currently my sis stays in Al Ain. I plan to go to her place today before heading back to Abu Dhabi. Its a beautiful city….actually an oasis. That’s why all the greenary.

    I liked it so much,of the all the emirates i have seen Al Ain in the best,green and calm with not much high rise buildings.

  4. Yes, Saritha, that place with a pond and birds, doesn’t look like it is in a desert at all. Beautiful photograph.

    Pinky saying that it was not your car, is like typical child thinking.

    My new car looks like my cousins car,so she is thinking my cousin will beat us

    Children always admire animals, Saritha.

    I am hearing about ‘camry’, for the first time. Looks nice. You will never forget driving in your life, Saritha. Some things need some opportunity to remind us.

    Thanx sandhya

  5. Lovely snaps,Saritha.I somehow feel very sad at seeing all the animals in the zoo…they look so deprived of a open sky,dont they?But yes kids have a whale of a time there!

    Even i feel sad of bring the animals from there natural habitat and keeping them in the desert which they are not used to

    LOL at Pinkuda’s claim about your newly bought car!I had a similar experience..we had a Cerrato earlier and Namnam was so used to it that when we replaced it with a Sportage,she simply refused to sit in it..kept on saying for days,’this is not our car,I want the “cheriya”(smaller) car 😀 ‘ was funny

    Same here,my old car was nissan sunny and she says that is nanu’s car and this is uncles car (my cousins car looks like my new car to her)

  6. Congrats on the new car saritha 🙂

    Thanx kanagu

    pinky is always a sweet kid 🙂 laughing at the way she said about the car and the way you bribed her… varunavi’s questions are really interesting … 🙂 hope you had a beautiful trip 🙂 not able to see the pictures clearly in mob… will check once I get back to home 🙂

    They both had a great time and do check the pics

  7. Oh, when did they start a zoo in Al Ain ??? Gotta go there next time I visit Dubai !! Never knew you were from Dubai, got to know it from your comment in mine. I was born and brought up in Dubai ! and I even worked there for a few months !! 😀 😀

    Al Ain zoo is there since long.I didn’t know that you were here before,your parents are here??

    and please dont drive !! you are going to splash water, arent you ? 😀

    There is no water here,only desert and sea

  8. The pictures are really nice Saritha:) specially the first one..

    I dont like zoos but can understand why children would be fascinated with animals there…

    I wish since we cant close down all zoos at least everyone would keep zoos in a good condition so that animals can have a good environment..
    in India it is a pretty bad situation..

    The condition of the zoos here are very good,morning the animals are in the A/C rooms and evenings they are out with lots of green and small pools

    you are tense about driving?


    dont be all the very best:)
    I am sure you will do well:)

    Thanx indyeah,i didn’t drive for last 3 years so i am bit tensed,planning to go for a refresh course

  9. By seeing the pics itself i can understand how much pinky and varunavi have enjoyed!!

    They had a great time,pinkuda first time to zoo,now if she sees animals in the tv she says nanu welanu akada

    Isnt it sad saritha that we capture animals and confine them to small places!

  10. Beautiful pictures, Saritha. Kids have a whale of a time at Zoo. We have a Wild life Safari here where animals are open and roam around and Peanut loves going there.

    Wild life safar cool,post some pictures

    Congratulations on your new car! 🙂

    Thanx solilo

  11. wowie!!!!!!

    me wants to be there too!!!!

    Come here we will have fun

    this must be such a lovely trip, varunavi n pinkuda mus have really been thrilled na?


    i LOVED the first pic!!!! its awesomeness!!!!!

    pinkuda got hurt???
    she okie?

    She is fine,got a scar on her nose

    i loved the giraffe!!! am lil jealous!
    i love giraffes!!! i wanna meet one, at least once, but at a place like u went to…safari style….i don’t like the zoos we have here…

    This zoo is well maintained with lots of place

    glad u had awesome time!!!!! muahs!!!!

    and i am waiting to see ur crochet pics!!!! yayie!!!!!

    Will send u mail with the picture


  12. so very fun!!!

    we are all zoo enthusiasts in our home…go there atlest once a week..

    Great once a week,if i was near the zoo my younger kid will make zoo her home

  13. I feel the same way in most zoos Saritha 😦 Very sad… in this age if we are still being so unconcerned about other life forms, and animals, I wonder if we are ever going to be kinder… the least they can do is provide company to the animals…

    We tend to get bored for a day if we don’t have anyone to talk to,we sit on the net so that we will get someone to chat,or we chat with our neighbours,but the gorilla was sitting alone in that big enclosure alone,i felt it is thinking why these people has confimed me here

    Congratulations on your new, dream car 🙂


    Pinkuda had to be bribed to sit in your new car? I think kids just dislike change, my kids always say they miss the smell of the older car/homes 😦

    I think she loves our old car more than this,even now if i tell her we will go out,she says old car

  14. Oh No! Pinkuda is hurt? Her nose?! She has a scar?!!

    She has got a scar on her nose which is fading

    Hugs to the little one.
    *Pixie offers Pinkuda some chocolate*

    Pinkuda gives u kist and says i lau lo aunta

    The pics are lovely!

    The car looks awesome! Don’t be tensed.. did you drive?

    I used to drive 3 years back,stopped it when i was pregnant with pinkuda

    I loved the Giraffe pic! 😀

    Always was fascinated by tigers and lions more as a kid…
    nowadays, I feel sad when I see the state of Mysore Zoo.. so many animals have been killed, kidnapped for money, its just sad…
    the huge Zoo is so empty empty now…
    Me no likes zoos nowadays…

    This zoo is nice and well maintained and lots of trees and small pools

  15. The zoo always bring out the child in me. I love looking at all these amazing animals and keep thinking how beautiful it would be to see them roam freely in the wild.
    Very good photography.

    Welcome here aparna and thanx

  16. Wow! All the zoos are air conditioned?

    All animals have a air condition room in there enclosures

    So they are all indoor zoos, are they? Children have such fun at zoos don’t they? I can imagine the fun Pinkuda and Varunavi had 🙂 Poohi loves Zoos too.

    Pinkuda hurt her nose? Hope she is better now..

    She is fine now,her scare is fading away

    ‘On the way varunavi was asking why gorilla don’t have a company’ – Children are so sensitive, aren’t they ? Varunavi immediately realised how lonely that Gorilla must have been..

    I wish the gorilla gets a company
    Wish we grown ups thought as much as well..

    Lovely pics, Saritha! Poohi loved the girafes the most 🙂

    Congratulations on your new car! It looks classy!


  17. WOW….a lot has happened here while i was away from bloggers….CONGRATULATIONS…its a gorgeous car.
    Zoo trips are always loved by kids..i loved all the pictures here.

    Its been long u didnt come here,so took a break from blogging?


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