My Nightmare

Yes my nightmare has come true today morning after hubby left to office.I was busy with the morning chores in the kitchen and pinkuda went into the washroom and locked herself.I always get this dream of her going into the washroom,locking herself and playing with the water and worst is that i dream of she bending her head into the potty.Today exactly it happened,she went by herself to the washroom and locked herself.I became totally blank for few minutes and elder one was talking to her.Then i became calm and told her to open the door in a very sweet voice.She didn’t panic at all and was trying to open the door holding the handle.Slowly in a sweet tone  told her to turn the lock and i thank god that she did it after 10 minutes.

Those 10 minutes got so many ideas that i should open the screws of the lock, call the watchmen, carpenter, neighbour, call the emergency number or break the door and also started praying .As i can’t call hubby who is at work and will take atleast 2-3 hours to reach here.Those 10 minutes i will never forgot in my life.

Once out from the washroom i went to hug her but she pushed me aside and went to the balcony door to play.I am still in that shock and not able to come out of it.


22 thoughts on “My Nightmare

  1. Oops! Glad that she did unlock in 10 mins though 😦

    U know what, me ws caught in the lift for 10 mins 2day – power went off!!!

    This is one more nightmare when u r alone in the lift

  2. Oh man! Thank god nothing bad happened. Maybe child locks or something?

    No yaar there is no option for child lock only thing is i have to get the lock removed

  3. Oh, now I know how my mom wouldve felt. I had this habit of getting locked in all the bathrooms I went (in my childhood of course). I used to panic inside. But after reading your post, I realised how much of mental torture my mom wouldve gone through!

    Omg u too.This happened in the morning and i am still getting shivers

  4. We got all bathrooms fitted with knobs that can be opened from outside using a key. My grandmother had got stuck in the bathroom once and couldn’t open it. She has arthritis. We literally had to break the door down. Luckily because of that incident, all the knobs were changed and we are better prepared to handle the situ if our daughter decides to lock herself in 1 day. Might help u too..

    Welcome here decordelirious 🙂

    The only option left with us is to remove the knobs

  5. make copies of keys of all the rooms inside the house and keep them at different places. If possible, try to disable all the locks inside the house.

    Called up carpanter to remove the lock of the washroom

    Good that nothing happened.

  6. Oh Saritha! This is so my nightmare too!!!
    Thank god it ended well! I can imagine how you must have felt! Hugs!

    I am still shivering thinking of that,thought i will forget and came to read blogs,but still that is in my mind

    Thankfully, most rooms here don’t have locks – including bathrooms! And ironically, the only bathroom with a lock is her bathroom and the cloakroom downstairs! So I am always worried about this happening..

    Oh u change her bathroom never know yaar what and when the kid does,my mom always tells me over the phone to get the washroom lock removed,just called the carpanter to remove the lock.U know when i was trying to tell her that she should not go to the washroom,before i complete she is running to the washroom,so i should never talk to her about this incident

  7. thank god!

    ha ha, i remember myself locking in. 20 years back.
    Lucky in India bolts used are very inferior quality, my uncle could break open. i got injuries as i was standing next to door.

    Oh my god that was scary to know that ur were injured :(

    Free!, for next few years bolt was not replaced. for my safety.

  8. Hugs! 🙂

    Glad that nothing bad happened.
    My sister had locked us out of the house once and it was Winter with snowfall in Denver!! 😀

    Oh out of the house,how did u manage to get in?? Your sister left for studies no,how is she now living all alone??

    Hugs to cute little pinkuda as well!

    thanx and pinkuda hugs u back

    1. Pixie, We were in Denver during that snowfall.

      It was so much fun. We were snowed in so husband, me and our neighbors all just stepped out every morning to make snowman and chat on the snow as we couldn’t do anything.

    1. Saritha, you get a child lock that suits all kind of locks. You don’t have to remove actual locks but just get a child lock that suits your door lock from a baby store.

      Me:Thanx will check for the locks at the baby store

  9. When I was 3, I locked my parents in their room in the afternoon and then wailed when I couldn’t open the door. My parents didn’t know what to do so the He-man that my Dad is, broke the door in true hero style.

    Dad is always a hero 🙂
    My mom repeats this story at least once a month. 😆

  10. Most of the moms will have a similar story, Saritha. Thank god, all is well now. I too had gone through incidents like this and don’t want to even remember them.

    Take care, Saritha.

  11. Thank God! This was scary! You were brave and coolheaded. And Pinkuda is a smart kid , so is Varunavi for talking to her and keeping her cool 🙂

    It was varunavi who told me that pinkuda locked herself in the washroom,varunavi is a smart kid

    Isn’t there some way you can disable the locks? When my kids were young I had stuffed rolled newspaper in all latches – we couldn’t lock them either.. but atleast the couldn’t lock themselves in.

    Another risk is that she locks you and Varunavi in some part of the house. A neighbour’s kid once did this, and I broke a kitchen widow pane to get them out. The mother was banging at the door, the child had been crying hysterically but she was safe. I think this is common but it is dangerous 😦 Thank God you kept your cool Saritha!

    I got all the locks removed and washroom lock got it removed and fixed it on the top of the door

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