Tom and Jellys

Tom and Jerry

This is pinkuda’s t-shirt (my younger kid).She is wearing this everyday without fail since last 3 months.My mom brought this t-shirt for her and she doesn’t wear anything other than this.When going out i will make her wear another dress on top of this t-shirt.

Purposely i spill water on her t-shirt so that she removes it and allows me to wash it.She doesn’t wear anything until i the t-shirt gets dried.Thanks to the summer here it takes around 10-15 minutes to get dried.

Now all the kids clothing shops know us as we both went and asked again and again to the salesman there whether they have a t-shirt with Tom and Jerry picture on that.One day we went and asked a salesman whether they have a tom and jerry t-shirt,he brought some cat and mouse picture on a dress and showed it to her and she gave him a look and lifted her dress and showed me this i want not this (pointing her finger towards the t-shirt he brought).

Even mom went to the shop she brought this t-shirt so that she will send us few t-shirts but she didn’t find the t-shirt.So now even she is vouching for tom and jerry t-shirt.

PS:The tile of the post is what pinky says for Tom and Jerry. 🙂

24 thoughts on “Tom and Jellys

  1. CHILDREN!!!!Pinkuda is keeping on thinking about ‘tom and jelly’ shirt and she will get one! Positive thinking…..!
    I can imagine her expression when the salesman showed her the cat and mouse shirt…hmmm, it is nice to have small kids at home! No time for getting bored, Saritha.

    Me:Thanks Sandhya, she is always on the move always so no time to get bored or sit quietly 🙂

  2. Oh Pinkuda is so cute!!! Tom and Jelly! Hugs and kisses for Pinkuda!

    Me:Thanku and pinky hugs u back 🙂

    She must have looked so cute , explaining to the salesman:) Am sure she must be thinking ‘These grown ups are so dumb! They don’t even know Tom and Jelly’ 🙂

    Me:Ha Ha Ha

    That was so sweet! More Pinkuda and Varunavi tales please!!!!

    Me:Will write smitha not getting time to update my blog,by the time i read other blogs and comment on that,kids get up or there lunch time or something or the other works comes and i postpone updating my blog

  3. this is so cute…one of my daughters had a butterfly dress that she would wear it every it is small but she still wears it as a night dress!!!

    Me:So sweet,how old are you twins sharddha 🙂

  4. I luvvvv that title .. I will call it that way too from nw on 😛

    How cute it shud have been when she showed him what she actually means by tom n jerry – Smart li’l Pinkuda 😛

    Me:Very smart,this generation kids are not like us,when we were kids we used to wear what our mom gave us but now my kids select there dress.When we go for shopping half of the trolley gets filled by these both (chips,chocolates,etc 🙂

    N I agree with Smithu .. we want more Pinkuda tales 🙂

    Me:Will write about her
    N yeah, hope u find a similar tee soon 🙂

    Me:Hope so
    Shall I try in Hyd 😉

    Me:Try it please

  5. Kids I tell you… my son had an obsession for one sleeveless t-shirt of spider-man… and no matter how cold he would just want to wear that…

    Me:Varunavi used to use a comforter even in summer and without that she never slept,some how i got rid of that 🙂

    he has a spiderman mug… spiderman shoes… spiderman school bag…. ohh…

    Me:Here all barbie

    and I hate spiderman… 😦


  6. First.lots of hugs and kisses to your daughters……i know this,i have been there too….i hope you get at least one or two replacements….hahhaa i loved the way mom spilled some water on it…..tom and sounds soooo chweeeet

    Me:Thanx kavita and kids hugs back to u.I hope i get a replacements for that t-shirt :)

  7. New header!!!! Hw many ppl hv their blogs adorned with new headers 2day!

    U didn’t tell me how is my new blog header ?

  8. Hi Saritha Garu,

    Nice to read about Pinky’s “Tom and Jelly” t-shirt, I’ll join you people with the search of t-shirt 🙂

    Sure, search it and when i come there on vacation give it me 🙂

    Keep writing more on ever-smiling Pinky 🙂

    Will write :)

    Cheers, Sai.

  9. So sweet..nenu chinnappudu trousers kosam ilaane chesevaanni..okke trouser eppudu veskuntuvaani..and by the way ikkada edaina catchy ga T&J unna tee chooste pinkuda ki pampistaanu.. 🙂

    Tapakunda pampi

  10. Awww…. I hope you find many replacements! Good you put it up here, will tell you if we find any replacements!

    Me:It’s been more than 2 months didn’t find any replacements,still searching for the t-shirt 🙂

  11. Tom and Jelly, nice post. get a replacement soon before kids outgrows the t-shirt. 😀

    Me:Looking for the replacement since last 2 months,still didn’t get it

  12. Lolz… you better find a new T on urgent bases coz this way i don’t think this T will survive long 😛
    From the size it seems that your girl is 3yrs older. Will let you know if i come across any Tom n Jerry T-shirts. 🙂

    Me:Welcome here.Looking for the replacement,still didn’t find it.Sure let me knew 🙂

  13. hehehe thats so cutee I face the same problm with my Son with Cars T-shirt, Sari sure we both can write a book on our kids.

    Me:Ha ha ha ramya,i think we can write pages about the kids. Lol at cars t-shirt.

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