Yesterday went to varunavi school for open house.There i met her teacher Mrs.Nirmala Mudgal for the first time.I never met a such a lovely and elegant lady in my life.When we entered the class she was busy with other parent but she removed her attention from them and called us in and she hugged varunavi and and said where were you,i was missing you my child (varunavi didn’t go to school for last 3 days).She has got such love and warmth.Me and my kid will never forgot her for sure. 🙂

When our turn came she made us sit in front of us.She was telling us about how varunavi is in studies and other activities,never in her words i felt she is criticizing the child inspite of not scoring much marks in hindi.She told me how to make her understand hindi.I have been to varunavi’s open house before but the teacher there said varunavi is hopeless in cursive handwriting,you have to make her sit for atleast 2-3 hours only on her writing and varunavi once told me that she doesn’t want to go to school.I was just waiting for that year to finish and she is very lucky to get Mrs.Mudgal as her teacher for this year. 🙂

She did so much of baby talk with pinky and  told us not to put her in the school until he is 4 plus and the child can’t take too much burden and her fingers will pain when holding the pencil and they won’t be able to tell us the pain.I read about this in Sandhya’s post.

Mrs.Mudgal told varunavi to do lot of masti ,watch tv,eat well and study little 🙂 :). My child is blessed to have a teacher like her who will put a strong foundation for the growth of the child.

Before leaving she called both the kids,hugged them and gave a kiss.She said varunavi come back soon to the class 🙂

After i left from there i remembered these words from indyeah’s post–

“Some people come into our lives and quickly go…Some stay and make footprints on our hearts…And we are never, never the same.”~Author Unknown

23 thoughts on “Blessed

    1. As indyeah said, there are few who leave their footprints in our heart…
      I am happy that Varunavi has such a good teacher… Even my K.G teacher was so sweet, she used to ask us to play, watch tv and study.. but nowadays everyone is like study study study…

      Thanx mystery,i dont remember any teacher like Mrs.Nirmal mudgal,she is very sweet.KG teacher was not like her,she was critizing the kid for her handwritting

  1. and yes, Varunavi is indeed lucky to have such a great teacher.
    We had teachers like this in school. But, later on, as the years went by – it was just studies, mugging-up question banks…

    Yes pixie same here,just studies,mugging up and coming back home

  2. I just wrote some where … teachers are improving… !! and interestingly there are a lot of teachers now who become teachers coz they love teaching… !!

    Yes dhiren god bless those teachers who groom the kids to be a good human being 🙂
    god bless such souls.. !!!


  3. really nice… it’s teachers like her shapes up the future of a child… and Varunavi was blessed to get a teacher like her… me too had some good teachers whom I will never ever forget 🙂

    You are lucky to have got such good teachers,god bless them 🙂

  4. Good teachers influence our lives, Saritha. If you ask anybody, if they remember the people who influenced their lives, definitely they will name one or two teachers.

    Sorry sandhya i dont remember any such teacher 😦

    Varunavi is lucky to have such a soft natured good teacher. My sons did well in the subjects of the teachers, whom they adored!

    Your sons are lucky few who got good teachers

    So, now everybody is realising that the children should start going to school, when they are 4. Nice. Play school, where they teach orally, is good. The small kids grasp everything very easily. But making them to do homework and carry loads of books, is bad. Let the children enjoy life in their tender years. Hardwork will be waiting for them in the later years.

    1. Don’t be so bitter, Saritha. You are a happy person. Your daughter is still in the first step. Now she has got a good teacher. She might get teachers like her in the years to come.

      Am i sounding bitter??

      Your kids are nice kids. They will get good teachers and make them good human beings. Don’t worry…be happy!

      Thank u sandhya 🙂

  5. Saritha, That was such a touching post. It is so true, isn’t it? The kind of teachers we get make so much of a difference. Even a mediocre student can suddenly bloom into a great student – if he/she has a good teacher.

    Yes smitha well said

    I think she is so right when she advise that you put Pinky in school only after the age of 4. And at the end of the day, all we want is for our children to be happy individuals.. I would rather that my child is one level lower in academics, if it comes to that – than make my child miserable by pushing her into academics too soon.

    We indians always want to join kids in the school early in their life,poor they carry so much weight and do lot of homework and sometimes they wont have time to play.

    I hope she gets these lovely teachers all her life!
    Thanku aunty
    Hugs to Varunavi and Pinky!
    Hugs to u as well smitha

  6. And you know what – I have something very similar in my drafts 🙂 Will have to change it a lot before posting now 🙂

    Will wait for that post 🙂

  7. awww.. that’s such a nice post.. Varunavi is really lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. Hugs to the kids!

    Thanx rohini and hugs to u also 🙂

  8. Saritha, it is important to have good teachers as kids spend a valuable time at school too. I am so glad that Varunavi is blessed with such a teacher. It will make a difference for sure.

    Varunavi is quite attatched to her teacher,when i tell her i wont send u to school,she fights with me that she has to go to her teacher 🙂

    BTW on Pinkuda’s behalf I demand a change in blog title. ‘Varunavi and Pinkuda’s’ 😀 😀

    Pinkuda has got a friend 🙂 🙂
    Even i thought of this when i shifted to WP

  9. I loved reading this Saritha 🙂
    becasue this proves na?that for every bitter person we meet we also have an angel waiting for us? 🙂

    every bitter person we meet we also have an angel waiting for us–she is indeed an angel

    I am so, so glad that Varunavi has a teacher who is so caring and loving 🙂
    and most of all one who believes in hugs…because for children physical demonstration of love is the most important…alongwith words as well 🙂

    Honestly when i was with her,u were in my thoughts and even i felt i should have given her a hug

    (((hugs)))))))))))))for Varunavi and her mom and sis 🙂 and most of all ((hugs)) for the wonderful teacher who made you smile 🙂
    Here’s to more such teachers in Varunavi’s and her sis’s life! 🙂

    All three hugging u 🙂

  10. Nice post……i am glad your daughter Varunavi(a very beautiful name) has such a good teacher…nothing gives you more satisfaction than the assurance that your child is in good,caring hands.

    Welcome here kavitha 🙂

  11. YAAAYYYYY!!! Did they banish that cursive handwriting witch? I don’t think such people ought to become teachers, maybe bus conductors but not teachers!
    So glad that both u and ur daughter are happy!

  12. Illanti teacher naaku doriki undi paatiki nenu ee IAS oo IPS oo ayyundevaanni.. 😛 😦

    IAS or IPS anduku engineering chasaru kada 🙂

  13. dear folks,
    we had a similar experience with Mrs Mudgal. Our child Aiman idolises her a lot in all aspects. Kodos & hats off to a teacher like her.

    Blessed are our kids to get Mrs.Mudgal as there teacher and god bless her 🙂

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