It’s not me….

Again as always i have been tagged by dhiren.This is the tag in which you have to get changed into a guy and list five women on whom you will drool.Here is my list of 5 women i drool over if was a guy 

The beautiful Jayapradha.She started her acting career at the age of 14 in telugu movies.Many know her as MP but i know her only for her beautiful features and her high cheek bone. jayapradha





 Shree Amma Yanger was the name of Sridevi before entering films.sridevi




Whaeeda Rehman is considered a classic indian beauty.





Bipasha Basu— The dark and dusky beauty

bipasha basu





Rekha– Dil cheese Kya Hai App Meri Jaan Lijiye, Bas Ek Baar Mera Kaha Maan Lijiye               












Lol i finished the tag at last,this draft is pending since long and i lost all the snaps i took it from Google and again after coming to WP had Goggled again and took the snaps.

Ps.Now it’s me who is going to reply all your comments 🙂

Image courtesy:Google Images


37 thoughts on “It’s not me….

  1. wow… !!!

    Jaya was Voluptous wasnt she ??????? 😛 😛 😛

    I never liked Sri devi a lot… too bright i guess.. but loved her in Mr. India !!!! (one of my fav movies..)

    Rekha was terrific younger… but her make up sense sometimes make me think she looks liek a witch….

    Waheeda is the eternal beauty… !!! and Bips is in my list tooo … she is hot !

    1. All south indian actress are voluptous 😉

      U don’t like sridevi,she was so beautiful in khuda gawa

      Yes even i feel rekha makeup is over done sometimes

      My personal fav is Bips,i love her bedi chalayka

  2. Very nice 🙂 A proper list for the guys to drool over 🙂

    Rekha is ageless! She still looks amazing! Waheeda Rehman is so so elegant! We ran into her in Bangalore once and we were so awed! She is so very elegant!

    I can see that Hitchy is delighted to see Bips 🙂

  3. Nice list.. this is one list in which i know everyone.. Sridevi..her Mr.India was the best and in telugu.. jagadeka verudu….. she was wodnerful na?
    Bips also is good 🙂

  4. Wonderful choices. Jayaprada, Waheeda Rehman and Rekha definitely… But I feel Rekha’s makeup was sometimes a little more than what is needed. I would say she perhaps looks stunning without makeup but too much art on her face spoils her looks..

  5. Very good list, Saritha. I like every one of them.

    Jaya Prada is a beauty (Salangai Oli in Tamil and it came in Telugu also).

    I liked Sridevi in old Tamil films like Moonadram Pirai (Sadma, tamil version), Varumaiyin niram sigappu, etc. I did not like her very much, after she did her nose job and her voice was very artificial in Hindi movies. But she is a good actress.

    I too love Waheeda. Very good actress.

    Bipasha is just OK for me.

    Rekha – I love her for her beauty and acting talent. I agree that she uses too much make up, now. I loved her ‘khoobsoorath’, ‘Kalyug’, ‘Umrao Jaan’ , ‘Silsila’ and the list is long! You have selected a beautiful photograph of hers!

    1. Thanx Sandhya.I like sridevi in sadma and few telugu movies.

      Rekha yes she has beauty and the talent.I loved all her movies and i have seen her 1st movie in hindi and she was looking very different.

      Sandhya u take up the tag,want to see ur choices 🙂

          1. Hitchy, Bipasha in jism/dhoom was good. For you guys sexy and all that but now she is into overtoning her body that she has muscle build up and with that broad shoulders of hers, she looks manly. She needs to stop body building asap.

  6. I LOVE Waheeda Rehman 🙂
    you finally were able to keep the laptop away from the little darlings ? 😀
    and found all the pics ? these were the ones they had deleted accidentally?

    1. Yes atlast was able to do this post.All these snaps got deleted and googled again and did this post.

      Now she is not coming to the laptop as her mission is accomplished.She has put a brave face when i was struggling with the computer 😦

  7. I think my favourites are stolen by everyone and I commented about all my favourites, in the comments section! If I make a list, the same persons will come and it will be boring to read.

    Thank you, Saritha.

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