Santa and Banta again……….

Here again i am doing a post on santa and banta,my earlier post on santa and banta is here

ha ha ha ha,hope u all have njoyed it 🙂

18 thoughts on “Santa and Banta again……….


    Life in India without these sardarjee jokes would be worthless… wouldnt it ??

  2. Ha…ha…ha..

    Though I find jokes made on a community racist, I think that it became popular because Sikhs are one of the nicest people to be around and also they have the capability to laugh at themselves too.

  3. lol!!:D whwere do you get the cartoons from Saritha?:))
    they are funny :D:D

    I wish all Indians could develop the funny bone as the sikhs seem to have done:))
    they have the ability to laugh at themselves:))
    though I know a sikh friend who will throttle me if I make some santa banta joke 😀
    all in good humour ofcourse:D

  4. HA HA HO HO 🙂

    Most of the jokes are on sardar..coz thats the only community who doesnt mind if others are making fun of them…

    I luvd the chinese kid one 🙂

  5. These jokes are always fun to read, when we are off mood. Only a Sardarji must have created these jokes! They have got very good sense of humour and they never get angry if others make fun of them – they themselves are experts in this. Nice people. And thanks for the good jokes, Saritha

  6. Blond jokes, santa banta jokes, bihari jokes …I wonder how do they originate! I had no idea there was a cartoon strip of santa-banta jokes!!

    I agree with Solilo about Sikhs … they are generally sporting about such jokes. My mother says you will never find a Sikh beggar, they are too self respecting to beg!

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