She Is Here……….

Went to the airport one hour before the flight arrival.But as usual our good Indian airlines was late by 2 hours.Kids were getting restless as they waited for her since morning.At last mom came out of the airport and varunavi went running and hugged her tightly and mom eyes were moist.

Amma brought so many goodies for the kids.There is a saying in Telugu that interest is loved more than principal amount.

But she made it a point to get each of our favourite sweet.Most of these snacks she did it.I told her not to make all these,instead buy it from shop.But she is very independent lady who wants to do her work by herself.She will go out of the way to do anything for us.

Varunavi is eating,drinking,sleeping,playing everything with ammamma.She always wanted me to put my hand on her when she is sleeping,but now she wants only ammamma near her.Showed all her barbies,her toys and she is telling her that she will give lift on her toy cycle 🙂

What i didn’t tell her in the last one year,told her everything now in two days.First day didn’t sleep till 2.ooam,she knows i am talkative and gave me a patient ear.

Took her to sharjah aquarium and had a great time there.Spent more than one hour there.

Inside the sharjah aquarium

34 thoughts on “She Is Here……….

  1. It’s quite nice to have Ammama to tell stories…i got remembered my childhood memories with my paathi..i used to hide under her arms to escape from going to school 😀

  2. we have the same saying in UP as well Saritha:)
    have loads of fun enjoy the goodies 🙂
    I am drooling just looking at them 😀
    please share with yourblogfriends:D
    courier us a few 😀

    have a great time as I am sure you will…and chat your heart out:))
    for, who listens better than a mother?
    only a mom listens with so much of patience:))

  3. Enjoy the time with your Mom and kids really feel happy when they are with Grand parents.

    convey my regards to Aunty

  4. Aaaa those yum goodies. Don’t get stomach ache because I am drooling here. :))))))

    I can see that the fun has already begun.


  5. yum yum mouthwatering goodies saritha enjoy with your mom say my namastey to aunty have a nice time.

  6. we also do a lot of late night talking when some relatives come,, thou i dont do much talking but i like to listen

  7. i like most of the delicacies that were in the pic 🙂 staying up till late in the night and talking is so much fun.
    enjoy all of you.

  8. So nice! 🙂
    and those sweets!! yummy! 🙂

    Glad to know you have your mom vsiiting and that you and your little ones are enjoying every minute of her visit… 🙂

    (finally de-lurking to comment!!)

    I liked your blog, will stop de-lurking from now on!! 😀

  9. snacks are looking yummy…
    I m feeling too hungry now 🙂

    My mom is also good cook and she use to make lot of stuff at home…but the one in ur thali looks different …all south indian style…;-)

    look trio of grand mother , mother and kids are enjoying a lot..:-)

    Have a gr8 time and do keep us posted

  10. @Pixie thanx a lot and welcome here
    I have been reading ur comments but never hopped to ur blog,will come over there now 🙂

  11. That Hanuman Chalisa video you posted on Indyeah’s blog is in Hindi, not Sanskrit. Just wanted to point this out.

  12. @ Not An Atheist thanx for letting me know that it is in hindi,and also i didnt mention the medium of language of the video on indyeah’s blog.

  13. At last I saw the photograph of the eats your mother had brought for you! It was not visible during the last two days. I could see the other photos.

    Anyway, thattai, murukku are my favourite too, must be everyone’s favourite. Only mothers will take time and put so much effort to please their children. I can imagine her face when she watches her daughter and grandchildren, relishing them. Your children too will remember these things later – at least the older one, Varunavi, right? Be happy always, Saritha.

  14. Wow!!! The goodies look yum!!!! How I wish I could just help myself to them 😦

    I talk just like that with my mom 🙂 Totally non-stop! Now I am missing her 😦 You aure sound like you are having the best time 🙂 Enjoy yourself 🙂

  15. @Sandhya i was just wondering where are u,was waiting for ur comments.
    All those are fav of each one of us 🙂

  16. @Smitha i dont know from where i get topics to talk with her? 5 days are over in those 28 days sob sob….

  17. @Dhiren oh at last u took out sometime to comment here,thanx
    And dont get stomach ache (Kidding) 😉

  18. Oh wow so many snack…..Tha’t why dear mom’s are always special…..My sister will never sleep in the night when we are going in the morning to my grand parents house. She always fear that we may leave her if she is sleeping or change the plan….Now she is in her teens still now she is full of enthu to go there….Can’t u see there are two ma’s in amamaa.

  19. The sweets look yummy!! Even I’m drooling. I’ll tell my dearest mummy to make me some for friday. 😀

    Yes after seeing someone close and dear to you after long time you do tend to talk for hours.

  20. @Badz great tell ur mom to make for u.thanx

    Yes i have seen her after a year,so much to tell her and listen to what she says

  21. First thing I noticed was the delightful plate of goodies 🙂 And then silhouette of two little adorable ‘byaaj’ (interest on the Principal amount) walking with their ammaamma 🙂

    You telling her what you could not tell her in two years in two days…staying up till 2 am … gosh it made me miss my mom and also made me think of my daughter who follows me around everyday after school- telling me everything that happened that day… Have a great time Saritha … write about your mom’s stay, loved reading this 🙂
    Did you show her your blog?

  22. IHM loo ur daughter is like me,i used to go behind my mom and tell her everything what had happened in the day and my younger kid is like that,she is always behind me and gets up once i get up from the bed:)

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