I don’t have words to describe how happy i am today when i went to Sandhya’s blog and read the sweet words about me and the award she gave me.This award is meant a lot to me.I am blogging since Dec end and made very good friends in the blog samaj (Dhiren’s words).

Life was quite busy after finishing college.One job after the other was busy for the whole day,go home just to sleep and get back to work the next morning.Mom always used to complain that i am not spending time with her or with the sisters.But used to like the way my life was going.

Once married left the job and joined hubby in muscat.Life was the same,very busy and hectic.Then followed kids.Left the career for the kids and very happy for the move.I am writing all this because i am very happy that i am getting much time for myself and for my hobbies.I love painting,cooking and my new love is blogging.

Blogging was introduced to me by my classmate liju (most of you know him as Philips).I got him through a social network site.We got in touch after 18years of leaving the school.He told me about blogging and i was very regular to his blog,then he gave me an idea to start my own blog.Now its been more than three months and my love for blogging is increasing.When i started my hubby said it will be one of your hobby which you will get bored after some time.But no he is wrong.After a month i started my food blog and have very good friends there.

Thanx a lot sandhya for giving me this lovely award.

Now for the rules:

1) Add the logo of the award to your blog.

2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you.

3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs (Only if you like).

4) Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blog.

And my award goes to……………………

Liju:-We are childhood friends and classmate from 1st class to 10th class.He opted for science and i opted for commerce and i left my school for my 11th class and he did his 11th and 12th in the same school.We lost touch after that and thanx to Internet got in touch after 18 years.His post are very informative and educative.I never miss his single post.He is just back from vacation.

IHM:- She is a lovely lady who doesnt miss to comment on my blog.She is the first one who commented on my 1st post.I was in tears when i read her comment.She has many followers but she makes it a point to visit all the blogs and leave comments.She is wonderful writer who covers the topics which everyone of us has gone through in our life.Thanx IHM.

Hitchwriter aka Dhiren:His first comment was on my cake post.When i saw his comment immediately hopped to his blog and got addicted to his blog.His post are very honest post.We exchanged gmail ids and used to chat very often.Since few days he is not seen much on gmail,maybe he busy as he is going on a 10 day vacation.

Smitha:- Got first comment from smitha on Cheers to UAE govt,then she was on a vacation.But i read all her post in her absence.Once after back from vacation she started writing as usual.She covers all the relevant topics.One day suddenly i got a mail from her,was so happy.So we both are in touch now.

Chirag:-Everyone of you know chirag and his post.I read all his post and commented only on few.He is very creative in writing and designing the header as well.First i wrote to him for a header for my food blog.He immediately responded and did a beautiful header for my blog,which many of them appreciated.Thanx chirag for the header.

Ramya:-She is my new blogger friend.She writes from her heart.I liked her post on a riddle which was very difficult to crack.And also she writes about her son,who is so sweet and cute.And also i liked her post on golden days about her house and childhood memories.

Indyeah:-I started reading indyeah blog since i started blogging,but never wrote a comment.She has a great command on her writing.Her post on her father made me cry.I cried like a baby when i read her post.Believe me i read it 10 times and even if i read now i will cry.I left a comment on that post and that was my first comment on her blog.I liked the vibrant colours of india on her blog.

I request all of you to accept the award.And also i love to read rakesh,solilo,Krishna kumar,rekha,pooja,maya,ranu and nsiyer.I am getting tempted to change the rules and give the award to all my blog friends.Can i change the rule Sandhya??

I am sorry if i missed anyone:(

Hugs to you all (started by indyeah)

Note:-The hurray pic i took it from liju’s blog,now i have to hop there and let him know that i have taken it.


35 thoughts on “Hurray……………………

  1. Beautiful post, Varunavi. Again full of emotions. You have honoured me by taking the award and publishing it. Everything is first time for me too!

    The ‘hurray’ picture is very apt for this post. I am not familiar with the rules, Varunavi, if it is flexible or not. Any way, I am happy today and I wish you the same, always!

  2. first congrats… then thanks !!!

    Thanks for the award… and it reminds me that I have to give away a few …. as I have not done that… !!!

    I love your blog tooo !!! especially so many wonderful recipes that you upload… on your food blog !!!

    I have been telling my wife to learn from you and i m sure she now hhas a complex of you !!! 😉


    and bout gtalk… you have been the one who has disappeared off the scene… i m always avaialble…

    ping me !!

  3. aww…Varunavi..Thank you so much:)))you just made my day sweetheart:)))really:))((((hugs)))

    I didnt know that you used to read my posts:))I am so glad that you commented:))coz then I got to know of you and your blog na?:)))

    You are a really are:)for being so generous with your words:)the way you have written so beautifully about all your friends here…you have been blessed with a big , big heart:)coz you shared the award so generously:))

    I have loved reading your posts too…and I am really thankful that you commented so that I too could discover your blog:))

    I have loved your nostalgia posts:)

    I agree with each word that you have shared about your blogfriends:))All of them are special:))hai na?:)

    I want to take the credit for hugs but Solilo will murder me 😀 so I have to say that Solilo started it first and then I followed :)))
    thank you so so much:))))I and Solilo have loved giving hugs and who better to give them to than you?:))
    (((hugs)))I am still smiling:)thank you..will go on my journey tomrw with ahuge smile on my face:)))

    God bless you:)and yours:))

  4. Thanks Varunavi 🙂 its a pleasure :). You know what I love the images of all the food you prepare for your blog 🙂 and not to forget thanks for the salad we still eat it 🙂 also, we ad vodka to the salad 🙂

    Thanks again, for the award!!! I am very happy to have recd. it 🙂 I'll name & people in the next post 🙂

  5. @Dhiren thanx a lol
    btw u r slow,sandhya commented before u, ha ha ha…….
    Lol complex of me
    Sorry again my gmail got disconnected
    have a great holiday and miss all us…

  6. Indyeah i always love to read ur long comments u write on other blogs,from where u get those words to write,touchwood.

    All of them are special:))))

    Happy journey and have a great holiday.

  7. Chirag thanx,lol adding vodka is new to me,maybe will try to post that as well.
    Thanx for making my blog look beautiful

  8. Hey Varunavi, thanks for the mention 🙂 This is indeed a wonderful place to share feelings and make friends.


  9. Congratulations, Varunavi! You certainly deserve this!!! Thank you so much for passing it on to me! I’m honored! Thank you!!!!

    Such a lovely post and you are such a lovely person! just yesterday – I went and ‘discovered’ your food blog! I am so impressed! How do you manage to find the time! As I said, it is totally my pleasure to get this and to know you!

  10. Congratulations 🙂

    And Thank You Varunavi … as much for your kind words as for the award 🙂

    I discovered your blog after reading your comment on the post about hot hot chappaties. I had no idea you and Philip were classmates …he is one of the very first people to leave a comment on my blog 🙂 Isn’t the blogosphere such a small world?

    I am sure your kids will be really proud that you started blogging, specially all your touching posts about them… they grow so fast, it will always be a joy to read these posts- many years from today, they will mean even more to you… I think the blogs become an important part of our lives, we can’t get bored of them… a break maybe at the most, you will definitely continue blogging for many, many years 🙂

  11. Congratulations Varunavi! You are a sweet soul and you deserve all the love.

    {{Hugs}} to your 2 little sweetie pies.

  12. Varunavi, first of all sorry Iam bit late in saying thanks. I didnt open my blogger acct since 2 days.

    Iam sooooooooooooooo happy to the qoute you gave for the award too. I really wonder how you could manage your cookery blog daily with an update being busy Mom. Kudos to you dear and I feel lucky to meet you in my hopping. Congrats once again.

  13. Thank you Sarita. So sweet of you to have mentioned me. First of all congrats on the award. Thanks also for awarding me. So touched 😀

    Yup back in business. Looking forward to blogging more regularly from now on. And ya, also to hop on to your food blog and try out some of the non-veg recipes you have mentioned there. Will let you know how my cooking went thru.

  14. Smitha thanx for accepting the award.Blog samaj is such a wonderful place to get in touch with lovely people like you.
    Before i used to blog when kids are sleeping,now i can’t wait for them to sleep,i will keep my laptop above the fridge and do it when i am cooking,cleaning etc………

  15. IHM thanx for the lovely comment and accepting the award.
    Oh my god how u remember my first comment on ur blog,u write so much,u comment so much,how u remembered my first comment on ur blog.
    No IHM i cant even think of taking break and missing writing my post on both my blogs and reading other posts.
    U made my day dear:)))))

  16. @Ramya thanx a lot and waiting for ur list of seven people whom u will give away this award.
    Even before blogging,i used to browse net and cook,now the samething i take snaps and do the posting.

  17. @Liju thanx a lot for accepting the award.I had i not met u,i wouldn’t have blogging and i wouldn’t have met such a lovely people in the blog sphere.I shuld thank u for that.
    I have to hop to ur new post
    Do try my recipes and let me know it.I am always there on my gmail,any doubt give me a ping:)

  18. hey Varunavi.

    Congrats for your award 🙂

    I have read lot of your old post today and liked a lot the way you use to write about kids..:-)

  19. Varunavi, I am so happy for you! I too am still beaming with pride, for getting the award. We might get more awards later, but this one is soooooooo important, the first award! Be happy like this always! Love to your lovely kids!

  20. Thanx sandhya for coming again and commenting,i am so happy that u all like what i write,never i thought in my wild dreams that i will be loved by you all.cheers

  21. Varunavi Garu,

    Chaala bagundhandi mee blog 🙂

    I visited this blog for the first time and found it really cool, humorous and quite interesting.

    Thanks a lot for the posts on Doordarshan, even we spent all our childhood days watching and loving those programmes.

    Hearty Congratulations for getting the award, keep writing more, good luck 🙂

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