No Wonder the cricketers got shot…

No Wonder the Sri Lankan cricketers got shot


British Police

German Police

Pakistan Police

Courtesy:Chain Mail

26 thoughts on “No Wonder the cricketers got shot…

  1. Lol…. !!! ha ha ha…

    Nice one !!!

    BTW where is this header coming from…. its getting better and better and better !!!!

  2. Dhiren i got the header from my food blog friend.She is so sweet,she helps me a lot in changing my blog:)Do check my food blog,i have made changes there as well

  3. ROFL!!:D:D
    yeah sad situation and we too are in the same boat but this is darn funny!:D
    thanks for sharing Varunavi!:)

    your header is beautiful!!:))

  4. Varunavi: Will you please visit my blog and take the ‘I love your blog’ award, please? I will be very happy if you do so.

  5. its funny.

    But atleast our police dont have carry those weight of bullet proof clothes and those many equipments. And in the indian climate if they are going to be dressed like that, they will die of heat they dont have to wait for the bullet.

  6. nice one Varunavi, As long as the funds are being diverted to our Leaders’ swiss accounts, this will be the same.

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