Pinky’s GiBbErISh

Pinky is going to be 2 years on May 11th.My nephew who is seven years old had named her pinky.My sister calls her a female version of Tarzan.Hubby calls her phelvan,he says her body language is like a boy but i call my darling pinkuda.

Me:You want chocolate?
Pinky: Noods her head and corrects me by repeating cocolate cocolate
Me:You like cocolate?
Pinky:She stares at me and says giveeeeeeeeeeee (impatient brat)

After eating Chocolate
Me:Nice cocolate
Pinky No baladu (Not nice in telugu) She loves them but after eating she says not nice
Me:Not nice?
Pinky:Says with her lips and eyes that is not nice.

When she knows i am angry on her she comes running to me and keeps her both hands around my neck and say lo la lo,u la me (I love you,you love me) wa alo hapu famo (We all are happy family) a kisst form me to lo (A kiss from me to you) Barney sings this song.Barney is her fav,she just hates barbies,if i give her barbie she tries to separate barbies legs and hands and if she is sucessful in doing so then she tries to fix it.

Get up— Gut uppp
Maskali -Madakali,madakali

When i dont give her what she wants, she says bag gril (Bad Girl)

Sharuk khan–Tharuk kan tharuk kan (she recognises him so well, i showed her sharuk khan’s very old serial video, she immediately recognised him)

Pappu Can’t Dance Sala– Pappu dant stala,hey hey…… lifting her both the hands and pointing her finger in the air.

My mom is planning to visit us.Varunavi is very excited that her granny is coming and staying with her.She started planning her trip.She wants to go to airport to receive her and she planned many things for her.Will write about………….


28 thoughts on “Pinky’s GiBbErISh

  1. Awww .. love the bit where she puts her arms around your neck and says she loves you :))
    Pinkuda is most adorable :)))

    And she recognizes Shahrukh Khan :))
    Give pinkuda a hug from me, we both recognize Shah Rukh Khan 🙂

  2. I have been so busy for a while that the little time I have today feels like a holiday 🙂 Let me read your other posts which I missed….

  3. Thanx a lot IHM.I can make out how busy u were,u didnt update ur post since few days.
    Pinkuda is very naughty and intelligent child,she sees my face and reads my expressions and behaves according to that.
    Hug to u anta (pinkuda says aunty–anta)

  4. But it will be boring if it was too easy no?
    I am not publishing the comments till today evening or so, okay? otherwise we will be giving away lots of clues to those who comment late.

  5. Varunavi, I enjoyed reading Pinkuda’s baby talk. 100 kitts from me to her.

    Record her sentences, if possible. It will be fun to hear later! Video will be more fun.

    Chamaththu paappaa (good girl, in Tamil).

  6. Hi There! this is my second visit here.. 🙂 Post sangatiki vaste..Tharukh Khan pilupu maatram ultimate andi..naaku okkati gurthochindi..maa uncle son 1year..vadu Accident ni Axxssident ani pronounce chestaadu..

    I’ve Commented in Telugu..first off all i should know whether u know Telugu or not..?? 😉

  7. Hi krishna kumar i am pakka telugu ammayi ni,half andhra and half telegana.Thanx for dropping by.
    Yes sharuk lo adu attraction undi,andaru vad ne eshapadataru:)Nanu guda fan

  8. that is a really really sweet post… small kids are gods blessings for us…

    pinkuda is cho cho chweet !!!

    I loved this post… !!

  9. wonderful Varunavi She is so cuteeee. wow She recognises SRK.
    Give my love to her.Their childhood days are precious to us.

  10. @Ramya she knows sharuk so well that when i showed her sharuk’s old serial video she recognised him,no one can ignore tharuk……

  11. @Krishna Kumar i read ur blog last night but didnt write a comment,andukanta trikaga radamani.Epuda blog ki veli vachanu

  12. Awww….Pinkuda. So sweet. I love that baby talk. Kids outgrow it so fast. Love your avi. Your 2 little ones ready to explore the world.

  13. Awww, That was soo cute!!!! A little tarzen 🙂 How sweet! My daughter beheads barbies too – for some reason, she all other girlie toys though 🙂 So your little one bosses the older one 🙂 I think , thats always the case. We had met another friend with 2 girls and the little one, who has just turned 1, already bosses the older one – who is 5 1/2 🙂 Hugs to your Pinkuda!

  14. @Smitha Pinkuda beats varunavi and laughs.She is not bothered if varunavi beats her,she will wipe it and goes from there:)

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