SEQUEL of Previous post (Doordarshan)

Now i am spending more time in watching the old doordarshan videos.This is my second post on these beautiful videos,the first is here.When i am watching these videos i am feeling as if i am seeing old family albums.

Life was so simple and pure.Not much wants.Just be on time in front of the T.V not to miss even the film certificate and we kids used to search for the no of reels and the date of the cinema.

This is a very old educational documentary film which used to come in Doordrshan.

This video will definitely takes you to Childhood

This is probably the only video of yesteryears sports heroes.

Baje sargam

Vikram Aur Betal…

Memories of tension-free childhood…used to wait soo eagerly for sunday mornings 🙂

A Wonderful Video…Came to know about all lanugages of our country.

We were a generation of so much innocence and simplicty, just like this song.I wish i go back to those days………….

I thank all the people who have uploaded these videos and brought my childhood back.I became same kid sitting in front of my sears TV in those doordarshan days.Doordarshan had bonded all of us with common memories.Thanks a tonn.. 🙂
Will come back again with more post like this.

24 thoughts on “SEQUEL of Previous post (Doordarshan)

  1. varunavi Thanks for this post again:)I loved the previous nostalgic one too:)I have so so many memories connected to all of them…

    well said Varunavi
    life was pure and simple …
    really miss those days of innocence

  2. Iam remembering school days varunavi..used to wait eagerly for chitralahari telecasted on friday and some other programs…

  3. Varunavi, those are special special videos…

    He-Man as a growing up kid was the biggest hero… we used to always mimic the way “Heee Mannn…. and the maaaaasterssss of the Universe…. !!! by the power of the Gray Skulllllll “

    geeee you reminded me…. I even used to buy his toys… with skeleton and beastman !!!

    i had almost forgotten him… !!

    those cartoons so much better than this Ben-10 aliens !! really


    Mile Sur Mera Tumhara is an immortal video… something India needs to emulate !

    Discovery of India was a wonderful way to discover India… wish they would re-telecast that series !!

    I would be able to see it in such a different perspective now…

  4. Thanx Indyeah.I feel sorry for the kids now as they don’t get to see what we have seen on TV.Now all stupid ben10,some robots etc,not like spiderman,mogli……

  5. Lol dhiren even now i say that He-man heeeeeeeeeeeee,by the power of a great skull.
    U can watch discovery of india serial wise in youtube.
    I love spiderman as well,spiderman spiderman friendly neighborhood spiderman,i dont remember after that,if u remember tell me know it.

  6. oooohh realy good you are refreshing my mood dear those are golden days i hope they come again good post.

  7. They still show the mile sur mera tumhara on doordarshan. Mostly on sundays sometimes i watch door darshan just for sake of old days and rangoli also is alive till today.

  8. Varunavi I guess you covered almost all the hit videos of DD. Last night while watcing 13B movie, I remembered your post.

  9. I too loved, mile sur mera tumhaaraa, do sur bane hamaaraa. Old man Bhimsen Joshi and all the others who took part in the song are made immortal. I saw it again a few days back in DD. I too check DD sometimes. Watch Chitrahaar too.

    They were leisurely days. No hurry-burry. The whole family was watching Chitrahaar, I remember. I was watching spiderman and other children’s series also with my sons! Good old days!

    Thanks for reminding them.

  10. thanx rekha

    @Maya nice to know that some still watch doordarshan

    @Ramya thanx

    @Sandhya great to know that u watch doordarshan.When i come to hyd this time i will try to watch doordarshan,its been ages i didnt see doordarshan.

    @Nsiyer thanx a lot

  11. Varunavi, You certainly brought back a lot of memories.. It is amazing that today we have hundreds of channels but not one worth watching 😦 Sad isn’t it?

    All these videos are certainly special!

    Amy of you remember spiderman – just before the sunday movies?
    Mile sur is a classic! The total diversity of India used to come across so beautifully in that song.. I miss all that!! I hardly find one programme worth watching these days..

  12. In Chitrahaar, they show the lyrics also now. We can byheart them.

    When we were young, both my sister and myself used to write them in note books and then tally them and make into full songs…! We used to sing the songs with the orchestra sounds, even now I am doing it…! Unless the instrumental music is over, the second line (stanza) won’t come!

  13. Awesome collection Varunavi! Seems really sad where have these simple and effective videos gone…

    Mile sur was so awesome…

    These were the jingles we used to grow up singing…

    My kids are singing Bachana Aee haseeno… and Masakali!!!

    Miss those videos, thanks for bringing them back.

  14. Smitha i searched so much for spiderman title song,spiderman spiderman friendly neighboorhood spiderman…….i didnt get it.Sob no one uploaded that video in youtube.

    Sandhya great u still watch chitrahaar.We sister used to write names of the movies and starting words of the songs.

    Rakesh yes my kids sing papu can’t dance sala
    Those jingles were great and so the ads.I will post next old ads like hamara bajaj,rasna,parle-g etc.

  15. @Varunavi – Oh thats sad – I really used to like Spiderman 🙂

    @Sandhya – You still watch Chitrahaar!! Wow – You are lucky! Here we just get Star – in the name of Indian chanels – and all they have are overdressed, weepy women or overdressed nasty women 😦

  16. @Smitha i am still searching,if i get i will do a post.
    I get many indian channels,i dont watch anything except sonymax and zee cinema for the movies

  17. thanks for bringing back some memories:) I’ll play these for my kids re…

    hopped over from solilo’s… It was fun, reading your comment there:)

  18. hey thanks for bringing back old memories…:)

    he-man and mowgli, me and my brothers wouldnt miss a single episode…

    jungle jungle patha chala jedi pehan kar phool kila hai…

    Thanks again…

  19. Lovely posts these two…
    We had progressive proggrames Udaan and Pukar and serials which spoke of socially relevant but also entertaining stuff. I think those were good!
    I have been busy and it’s great to come back to these posts!!

    DO you remember Pukar? It was on air in 1991…? I wish I could find that one somewhere, I loved it.

  20. Thanx a lot.I was waiting for you to comment on these two post.
    I remember pukar, will search that video and do a post.I have another one in my draft will post that shortly.

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