Best Unseen Ads

As i don’t have anything to write on my blog i thought of using it to show some of the forwarded mails i got it and which i like the most.

12 thoughts on “Best Unseen Ads

  1. @Ramya i liked the maggie ad
    @Pooja thnx
    @Indyeah indeed they are thought provoking
    @Solilo shuld have been more effective
    @Liju @ Chirag i loved that maggie ad
    @Dhiren I was expecting that comment from u

  2. I love the Maggi ad. best! My kids were small when this ‘maggi noodles’ was introduced. All we, mothers were discussing about it, whether it was good for the health of the children or not – we were doubtful about the powder mix – masala mix, they were giving. Then we decided we will just do it once a week and the children loved it.

    Nice post. I had not seen some ads before. Thank you.

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