Are you afraid that someone will take away your slippers when you leave them outside

The TEMPLE ? —

Follow the same method as this


14 thoughts on “GENIUS

  1. he he,

    btw, the method I follow is I keep one chappal in one corner and the other in another corner. Nobody takes just one chappal.

  2. Ha..ha..ha..a

    Who is the genius?

    These days most temples have chappal keepers. You just have to pay Rs.1. Otherwise Rakesh’s idea is the best.

  3. @Dhiren the mahatma is one on whom there are many jokes played,i didnt want to offend anyone so i have not mentioned it

    @Rakesh great idea,will do when i go to temple here,as i lost my chappel once here.

  4. @Indyeah great idea
    @Ramya i never thought of this idea
    @Solilo my post before this mentions the genius.
    @Pooja yes it is very funny

  5. Oh that was hilarious!!! I remember that this used to be a problem in one of the temples we used to go to when I was young:)

  6. Hi There!came here from Ramya’s blog..this post from u grabbed my attention and made me to post this comment…really we have to appreciate that fellow who made a protective stuff to his one can walk with slippers more close to each other,he executed it well… 🙂

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