Chuk Chuk Rail

This post i dedicate to the person who invented trains.The history of train dates back to 1825 and history can be read here

As a child i remember this rhyme which my mom used to sing for us.Now my elder daughter sings for her kid sister.She makes her sister catch her frock and run around the house singing the rhyme.One day her teacher asked her to sing a rhyme lol she sang this rhyme,which i am sure most of them understood it.

The rhymes goes like this…

As a kid i was always excited to go by train.But we hardly used to travel as my relatives are in and around hyderabad.Maybe once in two years we used to go here.

There is a railway track very close to my house which is used only for the goods train.As a kid when i hear the sound of the train, i used to run to the terrace and count the bogies,which i do even now.The only difference then and now is that i have got a company of my daughter to count the boogies.

When i joined my first job the company told me that i have to travel to other cities.I was very happy thinking that i will get a chance to travel by train.But lol they handed me a air ticket much to my shock.

Then the day came when i was taking my first flight.My mom and my sister came to airport to send me of for a journey which would last only 45-50 mins.By the time my mom and sister reached home i was in mumbai.

My would be b-law came to recieve me at the airport.He said we will take a taxi to Andheri and from there we will catch a train.I was very excited atlast i am getting into the lifeline of mumbai.

We took a taxi and went to the andheri station.The station was full and b-law told me, you be behind me,see me in which compartment i am getting into you also get into it with me.I said ok.

Train came and stopped all the crowd was at the train to get into it.To my shock i didn’t see my b-law and was searching for him.Suddenly i saw his shirt collar and pulled it so hard that later he told me he had to take a tablet to reduce pain in his neck.Then some how we got into another train and reached my hotel.

Then again i got a chance to travel by train when i changed my job.My company gave me training at Belapur.We were around 10-12 employees who went from Hyderabad to Mumbai.Our HR guy took us to mumbai.There is funny incident which is worth mentioning.

After we reached mumbai the hr guy said we need to take a train to Belapur.We asked him whether he knows the route? Very confidently he said he has been to mumbai many times and he is well aware with the trains.He brought the tickets and we boarded a train which he said will go to belapur (we also didnt bother to check).He said we will reach belapur in 45mins.
We were seeing mumbai through the train window and didn’t realise that it is more that 45 min and we are seeing the same stations again.We checked with him how long will it take more.He was confused and didn’t reply us.Then he asked a fellow passenger where the train is going,lol he said the train is going to mumbai central from where we got into the train.

Then he said very softly that we took a wrong train.We travelled to kalyan and back to mumbai central.That is why we would see the same station again.

After reaching mumbai central, me and my friend went and brought the tickets and got into a train which took us to belapur as said by him in 45 mins.

Dubai is starting its first metro rail in Sep this year.Let me see if i can catch that as well.

Some of glimpse of mumbai trains

All images are from Google image search


8 thoughts on “Chuk Chuk Rail

  1. Seriously, I was fascinated with trains as a kid. Still am I guess. These days however, it isn’t much fun travelling in AC compartments. Most of the times, I’m standing out near the door taking in the breeze. Such an amazing feeling.

    I always wonder how would it be living in those houses that you pass by when you travel in a train. In the farmer’s huts that you cross, in the small villages that come up every half an hour…

    Fascinating subject Varunavi.

  2. Rakesh i dont like to travel in A/C compartments as we can hardly see anything,and people who travel by A/C hardly talk to each other.I love to travel by second class, where u can see out and talk to many people and can have fun.
    I wanted to write about the view from the train,small houses,the bridges,small stations,kids waving there hands to the passing trains etc….. but i feared the length of the post hence i didnt mention all that.

  3. Once when I went to Mumbai, I just had to go to a nearby market which was just about two stops in the electric train. I was advised to go by an auto, but didn’t listen. So, I took the ticket and unfortunately I was travelling at the peak hour! I didn’t know when I got in to the train and where I got down! It was two stations after my intended stop. I then took an auto back from there!! My God! How they travel in such trains and why they travel is still a mystery for me!!!

    Destination Infinity

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