Dear Mom

The post of lonely princess prompted me to write.The post is here

Dear mom,

Everyday morning we both used to sit in the kitchen sipping tea and talking about everything.I dont remember a single day having my tea without you.Those days will never come again.

You always gave me freedom to take my own decision.Without consulting you i never took decision.But now big decisions are taken by me without consulting you.

You have hidden your grief of loosing a partner of 26 years for the sake of your children.You always kept a brave face in front of us,but amma i know how much you cried inside.

You are always modest,when i say you did all those things to us.You used to say i have not done anything great,i have done my duty.

When i was a kid i always used to see what is in your hand when you are back from the office.I don’t remember any day without you getting anything for us to eat.When the month is nearing completion you used to struggle for money but you never missed getting something for us to eat.You never made us realise that you are struggling for money.

I know how difficult is to bring three daughters,you being a single parent.Now with two babies i realise the difficulties you faced.

Once i remember telling you about a incident where in a guy teased me and you told there are different types of people in this world,don’t care if one person points his finger at you,three of his fingers are facing him.

You never showed selfishness.But i am selfish, for me now it is my family and my children.
When i failed in my viva voice you didn’t say a single word,you just said you give the viva voice again.Don’t cry and don’t tell anyone about it.

As my other siblings say you are partial towards me.Now i confess that you were partial towards me.When we used go for shopping,you used to select the dress colour for me where as of your other daughters you told them to select for themselves.But amma i always have a complaint that you have send me very far.I remember your sisters asked you how you are sending your dear daughter very far from you.

You had problems in your marriage,but you never ended it.I know for our sake you clinged to it.But nana left you in the middle to take care of three of his kids.

You have achieved so much in your work place,you had small wish that your kids should be there for your retirement party,but i am ashamed to say none of us attended the party.
Now your post retirement life is going very tough.You are alone in the our house waiting for your grand children to come over and stay with you for some days.

Mom we both used to get along very well before my marriage.I used to tell you very single thing i do.But now things have changed.After marriage there is some silence in our relationship,i feel by getting married i have lost a dear friend.You are still there for me,but i am not there for you.I live far away from you.Even when you are sick i am not able to take you to the doctor.I know the luckiest person on the earth is the one who takes care of his/her parents when they are old.Your elder daughter is the luckiest person who is taking care of you and your grandson vibhat is there with you.

Please give me a chance to serve you here,please come here stay with us.I know you don’t like to stay here atleast for the sake of your grandchildren you come here and stay with us(here also i am sounding selfish)

Your loving daughter


11 thoughts on “Dear Mom

  1. hey varunavi
    dont be so sad man!!! I had tears in my eyes when I read your post!!!

    Dont worry the day will come when you will be able to take care of amma and be with her and have tea with her again.

    Just pray that it comes soon. God never refuses….. he may say not yet but he definitely never refuses!!!

    take care

  2. Mom’s are the biggest blessing we can get… !!

    Its the thought that counts Varunavi… I suggest you just give her a call and express all the love you have mentioned here in the post to her !!!

    she will feel great !!!!

    just pick up the phone call her and talk to her to your hearts content !

    you both will feel great after it !


  3. @Ranu thanx a lot for such a lovely words.

    @dhiren u wont we speak to each other very often,we chat with each other,but there is something missing.
    Thanks for those lovely words

  4. Heart touching varunavi…Hope your dream to take of your mom will become true soon……Kids vachina taruvatha valla thone saripothundi naaku anipisthudi sampadana kosam intha duram vachamu ee age lo parents daggara vundaleka pothunnanu anipisthundi…

  5. Thanks for dropping pooja
    Naku kuda anipistundi andiku inta dooormga untamu.
    After kids our life revolves around the kids,we dont have time for our parents and for our siblings

  6. Hey Varunavi, give her a call and read this to her … I always sensed you were very close to your mom but I had no idea she raised you single handed.

    And you were the closest and a favorite 🙂 I hope she comes and stays with you for a while, it will be great for your mom and for you both.

    This post made me want to call my mom, can feel your pain and also your pride, Hugs, IHM

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