Tagged again by Dhiren- Fav songs

Thanks dhiren for tagging me and also for giving me gyan how to upload videos from youtube.I am changing the rules to list my 10 fav songs from two languages.I am doing only 10 songs from hindi.I have a big list of my fav telugu songs,which i am not getting from youtube.Once i get those songs will do a post.
Here goes my list:-

My mamu used to hum this song,so like this song if he sings. He is now recovering from a serious accident,this song is for him

2.This is my all time fav song.I feel some where as a parent this song is related to me.

3.I love sharuk in this song and also the lyrics

4.Pal har pal is one more fav,i have set this song as my ring tone

5.Yarana – tere jaisa yaar kaha. My classmate damu used to sing this song in the class,i used to love that song.Liju u remember this??

6.Yeh Haseen waadiyan .Kudos to A. R. Rahman

7.Mera dil bhi kitna-Saajan .I dont know why i like this song,but i keep on listening to this song

8.Kora Kagaz.My fav kishore kumar’s song

9.Tu Jaha Jaha Chaley Ga……….

10.Papu can’t dance sala….. My latest fav

Hope all my readers enjoyed my songs.I love to know your fav songs,so pls do this tag and let me know it.


10 thoughts on “Tagged again by Dhiren- Fav songs

  1. So many songs in here that I would like to include in mine too ….

    Maa is so so emotional, Pal Pal is so sweet, Tere jaisa yaar kaha is a personal favourite too my best friend is fat tooo like Amjad Khan. 🙂

    Yeh Haseen Vadiya is one I used to like so much… That Saajan song is also wonderful… I was also not able to propose to my wife, those days i used to listen to this song a lot…

    And the last song is for me… Pappu cant dance saala !! lol…

    hey you are tagged again !!!! check my last post !!! lol
    i am going to keep you busy it seems

  2. I love that first song, but I couldn’t play it, not even on You Tube!

    I had forgotten about it bit this is one song I love 🙂
    Taare Zammen pe song -I think all parents shoould hear it, it makes me cry …

    …and ‘Papu can’t dance saala’ are also amongst my current favorites 🙂

  3. hey, I had Maa in my original list but had to drop it to fit in another one. Arrrghh!

    I love Pal Pal, something my sister and I always hum. And the Saaya song, how did I forget that?

  4. That ‘Maa’ song from TZP brings tears to my eyes even with a mere mention. I don’t even have to listen to it.

    Kudos to Prasoon Joshi.

    Nice list.

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