My Foray into photography

Since long i wanted to take photography as my hobby.Time didn’t permit me to do so and also i had very old Kodak camera (brought it with my 1st salary) which is not automatic and i brought it for Rs.999.00 + 3 rolls.Every time i click i have to rewind it,i have lost many snaps by forgetting to rewind it.And i have to give the roll in the photo studio to develop and till i get the snaps i used to wonder how they have come.Now that headache has gone, i can see the snap i have taken immediately.
At last My hubby dear has gifted me a Nikon camera without a occasion.Ever since i got the camera,i kept it on the fridge so that i capture each and every moment of my kids activities and also my dishes which i am posting here.

A view from my balcony– A Foggy Day

We were at the signal, i zoomed my camera and took this snap
My daughters

This is upcoming Burj Dubai (world tallest tower)
This i took from moving carI wanted to post few more, but my younger kid got up from her sleep and she is cranky,not allowing me to do.Will post some other time.


8 thoughts on “My Foray into photography

  1. nice snaps…. and sorry for being late… for a change there is some work in the office.

    I like the pic where you show off your daughters !!!


  2. Better late then never dhiren.

    I got inspired by ur sons snap and took my daughters shadows snap.

    Let me know abt the egg biryani

  3. Love those shadows!!!!!!

    I love taking pictures too, but blogging has put it in background completely 😦

    A very Happy Valentine’s day to you 🙂 You know how much this one means to all of us!!! iIt’s about taboo breaking, liberty, gender equality ….and against moral policing.

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