Her birthday party and her best pal

Birthday girl didn’t sleep as she was very excited about her plans for the birthday.She had planned so much for her birthday.I arranged a small party for 10 kids (her bus mates and neighbour kids).She gave me a shock telling that she told her friend param to get his parents as well for the party, where as i told his mom to send param to the party.Now what i will do??

She brought chocolates to give her friends in the bus and to her classmates and to the teachers.

Very excited to see what gift she will get from her supervisor.

Now about the D-day.Got up early,checked her bag for chocolates.Got up dressed, took blessings from her dad and amma.I heard her telling her sister to wish her happy birthday.Husband said i will come to pick you from the school, she said no i will come with my friends in the bus as she has to show them her supervisor gift.She got calls from her grandparents,uncle,aunties and cousins.She misses them.Last year she had a big birthday party with all her cousins.

Gave chocolates in the class, her supervisor gave her a toy eraser and she showed it to everyone .Evening dressed up like a princess,and was waiting for her friends to come in particular her best pal param.One by one all of them came, little one was very excited to see so many kids at one place.

Birthday girl was busy with param .Showed him her bunk bed, and i heard telling him to sleep on the bed.This side for hers i didn’t know, she was speaking English so fluently, i was surprised to hear her.I noticed she ignored other kids and was concentrating only on param .She showed him her sewing machine,barbies,bike etc.After cake cutting ,she was waiting for them to give her gifts.Her face was glowing while taking the gifts.

When everyone were busy eating, she slowly went into the bedroom with her best pal param and started opening the gifts.

After party was over param didn’t want to go, he told his mom to come after sometime as she came to pick him.

Once very one left she opened all the gifts and was very happy when she saw what param gifted her.It was a short story book.She kept the book under her pillow and slept happily.


8 thoughts on “Her birthday party and her best pal

  1. just back from holidays, will read and comment later, please add me to your gmail talk list so that i can ask you and learn how to copy right the pics/….


  2. Thats sweet !!

    Wish the lil girl on my behalf !!

    kids and their birthdays, whew … my son asks me the whole day when his birthday will come…

  3. Thanks dhiren
    They are so exicted abt there bdays, that too if their bdays are before others in the house.
    My daughter says my bday is first in the house.

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