2min Maggi

I always wonder how maggie gets cooked in just 2 min.My microwave took 10 mins to cook maggie.I was wondering how can they show ad on TV that maggie gets cooked in just 2min.I measured the water mentioned on the pack i.e 2 cups for a packet, i took 4 cups for 2 packets.

I boiled water in microwave hi for 2min then i added maggie and emptied the curry flavour sachet and pressed microwave 100% for 2min, after 2 min when i opened the microwave (in anticipation that noddles are ready to eat and called my kids to have it) lol i saw it didnt cook at all, then i kept it for another 2min on high power, it is half cooked now.

Again i kept it for another 4min and at last it got cooked.So the maggie i cooked took 10min.
I am still wondering whether they are wrong or i did it wrong??

11 thoughts on “2min Maggi

  1. I eat maggi regularly, they are my favourite !!!

    Hey on gas stove it actually cooks in just two minutes varunavi !!! it is true…

    assume 2 mins is not for the microwave sweetie !!!

  2. @Hitch writer even on the gas stove it cooks longer for me.If i am not wrong microwave cooking is faster than the conventional cooking

  3. hey Varunavi,
    thanks for dropping by.

    Maggi does cook in 2 min. That is how it is here. Does the hard sea water in Dubai make the noodles cook slower :-P. kidding.

  4. @Varunavi 🙂 LOL 🙂 Yes you are right actually – Haven’t ever cooked maggi in 2 mins 🙂 Anyways, Maggi is my husband’s speciality – he claims I don’t make it as tasty as he does 🙂 First time on your blog – Hopped over from your comment on mine 🙂

  5. @Hitch writer believe me i was very confused whether to post it or not, atlast i did and i was happy to see ur comment.
    @Smitha Thanx for dropping.

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