Happy pongal to all my blog friends

I miss the festive atmosphere back home .We used to get up early put kollam in front of the house and colour it with many colours.Take head bath, help mom in the kitchen in making pongal dishes.Visit grand mama’s house and eat her special dishes and take money from her. Evening wear new clothes and show it to the neighbours and go to the terrace and see boys flying kites.We used to be behind them to teach us, they used to say first you hold charka then we will teach, that never came (teaching part).We used to hold for so long but they never taught us.Run behind the kites on the roads and hid the kite under the bed, because my mom used to tell us not to touch the kite the manja will cut our hands.Best part was school holiday and so much to eat.I just love sweet pongal made by my mom,the very thought i am getting water in my mouth.
I really miss my childhood and wish I go back to my childhood days do all those things which i miss now, including flying a kite


8 thoughts on “Happy pongal to all my blog friends

  1. Happy Bhogi, Pongal & Sankranti. Choose any of the festival you wish 😉

    I miss the patangs and manjas too. Not to count the sweets. Yummy.

  2. Happy Sankranti/Lohri/Pongal!
    I am late … But let me wish you lots of fun and festivity all round the year 🙂

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