Love u nana

I was cleaning the wardrobe and came across a poem written by my sister when my father passed away that was 10 years back.

With tears in my eyes i feel to write a saga of my father’s 50 years of existence

But the Heart says i will not, Eyes says i will not drop tears and the Hands says i shall not write

Remembrance is a treasure stored in the valley of Heart, the more you get into it the more more your remember

If at all god has the mercy he should have given us few moments to touch him and fill our heart with the last moment.

Deepest regret was that we were not his side when he really needed us.



4 thoughts on “Love u nana

  1. Yes I know the feeling Varunavi. My one wish if I could take time back and even writing this is so difficult … is be able to be with him in his last moments, just one hug and a good bye.
    By the time I reached there he was not conscious. I felt he could still hear me and did speak to him …
    Somethings are just not to be. Maybe they know even if we are not with them, that we love them so much, and they can somehow see and understand.

  2. came here long time back bookmarked this and now i am back again!

    I clearly understand your feelings Varunavi….and your sis’s poem says it all!!

    When my nanna died i was 12 and my bro 10….my mom was young too….from that day till today, we never felt he left us! somehow, he is there in every smile of mine and every success we achieve… always happens to me , that when i am stuck somewhere/ in trouble…magically, i get out of it…either someone comes and helps me out or i get an idea to come off the situation!!
    my dad never likes me to cry…and incidentally, i rarely cry and all my smiles are for Him and we know he is with us always!!!
    He never left us! he is always alive in our thoughts and hearts!
    Sound fimly? but its true really!!
    Miss him ya, physically….whenever i discover something new, i feel like running to him and show him my new eureka! he never saw computers, cordless fones, mobile phones, internet…all this technology….that makes me feel Wish he was here, and wish I could explain and show him all what I found in this whole new world!!
    I never used to write so much, but when I think of him, words flow like this!!
    Thanks Varunavi, this post is very dear to me!!

  3. @Sahaja i can understand ur feelings.Even for us he is always there.We are three sisters, and before we all got married when we go to sleep my mom used to tell us dont worry sleep well nana is near the door keeping a eye on us.
    Thanks sahaja

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